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Izabela Stroe

Associate Professor of Teaching
BS University of Bucharest, Romania
PhD Clark University

For me, Physics is like a sandbox. It gives me the opportunity to play and discover, test, be creative, learn something new. At the same time, I am passionate about passing the thrill of discovery to my students. Teaching is a two-way street in which both parties get enriched from each other. I welcome and embrace the partnership. I also believe that college is the biggest and best opportunity in one's life to discover one's calling and do something about it and I invite students to take full advantage of it. WPI is the best venue as it provides the access to theoretical knowledge as well as a wide variety of practical tools and instruments to probe it. Welcome to the journey of life and have fun with it! My research interests in experimental biological physics and condensed matter physics are diverse and bridge many disciplines. At WPI, my research focuses on (1) investigating the coupling of protein and solvent dynamics and the role of water in the hydration shell of proteins; (2) developing a novel detection method of amyloidogenic proteins that may lead to early detection of amyloidosis diseases, in particular Alzheimer’s Disease.