Higgins Laboratories, 211
+1 (508) 8315181
BS Engineering Physics University of Arizona 1976
MS Mechanical Engineering University of Arizona 1982
MS Electrical Engineering University of Colorado, Colorado Springs 1998

I have spent 36 years in product development. 25 years in the computer storage industry working on airborne hard drives, desktop hard drives, tape storage systems, optical storage devices, and robotic pick and place systems for tape cartridges. Most recently I have spent the last 11 years at Bose Corporation working in advanced development on high efficiency small speaker systems.

I find product development very exciting as it forces an engineer to interact with a wide range of other engineers in a fast paced environment, to deliver a hardware design that works and meets the expectations of the customer.

After many years of product development, I find myself in a teaching environment where I can not only instruct on classical mechanical engineering, but I can relate what I am teaching to hardware experiences I have had over the years. I find teaching at WPI as challenging as a faced paced development cycle. I enjoy seeing the light bulbs turn on in a student’s eyes who may have had problems understanding a certain concept. I find this very rewarding.

My research interest are related to many of the areas I have worked on in industry. Specifically I am interested in high efficiency small speaker systems for personal audio. This would include magnetic motor design, linear and rotary actuators, high bandwidth structural design, force balanced transducer design, acoustic structural interaction modeling with finite element analysis, and planar acoustic arrays.

Professional Highlights & Honors

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