Atwater Kent 308
Affiliated Department or Office
MS University of Teheran 1975
GS University of Oklahoma 1975-1976
PhD Worcester Polytechnic Institute 1979

I am a professor of ECE, a professor of CS, and the founding director of the Center for Wireless Information Network Studies (CWINS). Established in 1985, CWINS was the first academic research program with focus on wireless local  area networks, commercially known as Wi-Fi [1].   Later on, we continued research in opportunistic cyberspace applications benefiting from RF Cloud, the signal propagated from billions of wireless devices scattered around the world.  These applications include Wi-Fi and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) positioning and localization in and around the human body [2],  human gesture and motion detection [3,4],  and intelligent spectrum management [5-7]. My passion is in innovation and entrepreneurship and my students and I have been involved in a number of leading-edge start-up companies. I like to work closely with my students and colleagues on research projects and I enjoy turning results of my research into textbooks to teach graduate and undergraduate students. My lifetime hobbies have been reading philosophy, ancient history, psychology, and poetry; playing volleyball and tennis; listening to music; and dancing.   My favorite quote related to professorship is from Richard A Gallagher, WPI Provost 1984-1988: “Professorship is a pant with two legs: research and education”.


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Professional Highlights & Honors
Weston Hadden Professor of ECE, WPI, 1993-1996,

Fellow of the IEEE, 1996,

Member of the Evolution of Untethered Communication Committee, National Research Council, 1997,

Fulbright- Nokia Scholar, 1999,

Nokia Fellow, 2000,

WPI Board of Trustees Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Scholarship, 2011,

Recipient of "overseas famous scholar award" from R.I. China, 2019,