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Lyubov Titova

Associate Professor-Physics


Research efforts of the Ultrafast THz and Optical Spectroscopy Lab at WPI (PI- Lyubov Titova) are focused on three themes: (i) Application of terahertz (THz) spectroscopy to probe dynamics of photo-excited charge carriers in nanomaterials with applications in photovoltaics and solar fuel production; (ii) Using THz pulses and ultrafast optical techniques to study intermolecular dynamics in liquids; (iii) Investigating interactions of intense THz pulses with cells, tissues and their constituents, with a goal of development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Prof. Titova is a member of WPI Energy Research Group

Scholarly Work

Ultrafast carrier recombination, trapping and mobility in silicon thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy, L.V. Titova, T.L. Cocker, S. Su, J.-M. Baribeau, X. Wu, D.J. Lockwood, and F.A. Hegmann, Semicond. Sci.Technol. 31, 105017
High Light Absorption and Charge Separation Efficiency at Low Applied Voltage from Sb-doped SnO2/BiVO4 Core/Shell Nanorod-Array Photoanodes, L. Zhou, C. Zhao, B. Giri, P. Allen, X. Xu, H. Joshi, Y. Fan, L. V. Titova, P. M. Rao, Nano Letters 16, 3463-3474
Terahertz Spectroscopy: Studying Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanostructures, L.V. Titova, S. Xu, J.-M. Baribeau, D.J. Lockwood, and F.A. Hegmann, ECS Trans., 69, 51-57
Professional Highlights & Honors
New Doctoral Investigator Award
American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund
Avadh Bhatia Postdoctoral Fellowship