August 18, 2022

Campus may be a bit quieter for the summer, but it’s still plenty busy. From sports camps and research grants to snapping more than a few of those Instagram-worthy campus photos we all know and love, see what the WPI community was up to in July with the latest Month in Photos.

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In an invaluable collaboration, WPI fire protection engineers, led by head of WPI’s Department of Fire Protection Engineering Albert Simeoni, worked with The New York Times to better understand the fatal Bronx apartment fire in January of this year and help prevent future tragedies. 


Erin Ottmar

If a WPI professor earns one grant to improve math tools for middle school teachers, how many students will better understand algebra? The answer is infinite, and it’s coming soon: Erin Ottmar, assistant professor of social science and policy studies, received a $700,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to help teachers better understand when and how students are succeeding or struggling while learning algebra.


South Village

Have you herd? WPI’s expanding—check out South Village, a series of new residential and student buildings opening soon.


A photo from behind home plate of WPI students practicing softball

Get the sports puns ready—WPI’s been holding a series of camps for pre-college students, and it’s safe to say that each one has been a home run.


Several students playing soccer

Campers took to the soccer field for a few days of not only soccer skills, but sportsmanship, both of which would make Ted Lasso proud. 


Four WPI students sitting in front of a structure

Who says you can’t have field trips in the summertime? Students in WPI’s Launch pre-college program recently spent the day exploring all things STEM at the Museum of Science in Boston.


Student in a WPI T-Shirt writing a math problem on a white board explaining to another student

An innovative mathematics and media camp, podcasting and blogging about math, making memories with new friends—it all adds up to one memorable summer camp, co-founded and held by Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences Francesca Bernardi for high school girls and nonbinary students.


Several students swimming in the WPI pool

Campers took Dory’s “Just keep swimming” advice to heart, taking over the Sports & Recreation Center pool for this year’s summer swim camp.


WPI Student looking at a petri dish with a hand-held magnifying glass

Led by Lyubov Titova, associate professor of physics, students from Girls, Inc. toured the facilities at 50 Prescott Street and PracticePoint and participated in several lab activities.


A photo of a football blurred and up close with student playing football in the back

The Patriots aren’t the only ones training this month: our very own GOATs took to Alumni Stadium for some summertime practice of their own.


A photo from behind the hoop of stuents playing basketball indoors

Harrington Auditorium was bustling with all things basketball as campers practiced their basketball skills, making just as many three-pointers as they did new friends.