Materials Science Engineering Modules

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The MS4SSA Materials Science and Engineering modules are designed to use the project based learning approach to inspire students, and strengthen and promote a STEM culture.

Project Based Materials Engineering Modules

Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

Introduction to Project Based Learning (PBL)

Water Purification

 Introduction to Photovoltaics and Solar Lanterns


Lesson 1:  Introduction

Lesson 2:  Bonding

Lesson 3:  Introduction to Materials Properties

Lesson 4:  Introduction to Metals

Lesson 5:  Metal Alloys

Lesson 6:  Metal Customizing

Lesson 7:  Introduction to Polymers

Lesson 8:  Introduction to Composites

Lesson 9:  Introduction to Semiconductors

Lesson 10:  Corrosion

Lesson 11:  Introduction to Biodegradable Polymers

Lesson 12:  Introduction to Smart Sensors