Undergraduate Student Projects

PracticePoint is a natural fit for engineering students, but it’s also a place for students and faculty from other disciplines.

Data science and data visualization students can uncover new ways of presenting patient data; robotics students can design, build, and test new technology; neuroscience students can assess patients’ mental efforts; business students can study user experiences; students at the HealthCare Delivery Institute can develop apps; and cybersecurity students can test device cyber safety.

WPI's motto is Lehr und Kunst, theory and practice. And that’s really what PracticePoint is all about.
  • Greg Fischer
  • Director
  • PracticePoint

How to get involved:

  • Search available e-projects or contact your advisor.
  • To use the facility, contact the staff at practicepoint_projects@wpi.edu to learn more about the process for conducting research.

Rowers at Work

Class of 2020 graduates Josephine Bowen, Ben Thornton, Blake Dobay, and Marc Reardon used motion-capture equipment at PracticePoint to complete their Major Qualifying Project, which involved creating sensors and a tool to help rowers improve their rowing technique.