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Combine your smarts with your leadership skills to contribute to the world of academia. Offer your expertise as a writing tutor, Global Ambassador, and more to help broaden your skills.

Student Support Network

The first of its kind in the nation, the Student Support Network (SSN) is a six-week training course that is held during B-, C-, and D-terms, and gives students the skills to help their friends in crisis or distress. Participants will discuss mental and emotional health, how to identify the warning signs of a friend who’s struggling, resources to connect them to, and more.

Through the SSN, students will be able to practice situations with role-playing and visualization to build their abilities to respond effectively when a real incident occurs. Students will also learn empathetic listening and responding skills, and look at issues from a variety of viewpoints, thinking about them without perpetuating stigmas.

All interested students are welcome, and can be assured that they’ll never be turned away from SSN training unless there’s a scheduling conflict or a session has become full. The main goal of the SSN is to expand and enrich the campus support network so that every member of the WPI community has someone looking out for them—any students interested in being a part of it can fill out the application form to get started; faculty or staff members who are interested in completing the program during A-term can email the SDCC for more information.

Global Ambassadors

In the Global Ambassadors program, students work closely with the Global Experience Office and the Global Projects Program to help promote study-abroad opportunities to the WPI community, including fellow students, alumni, and parents. Global Ambassadors are also available once students return from studying abroad to help them “unpack” their experiences and see how they can be used in the future for interviews and job opportunities. Email the Global Ambassadors officers for more information.

Math and Science Help (MASH) Leaders & Tutors

No, not the TV show—MASH Leaders are upper-class students who have already taken and succeeded in certain academic courses that are important for first-year success. In this compensated position, the leaders help students who are learning the material for the first time to better grasp concepts in lecture, understand the material, and meet the expectations of the instructors. MASH sessions are typically held in groups; it is also possible to become a tutor and work one-on-one with fellow students. Visit MASH or contact the Academic Resources Center for more information.

Writing Tutors

Freshmen, sophomore, and junior students who enjoy and excel at writing are encouraged to apply to become paid tutors at the Writing Center. This paid position is available to eligible students who have passed the A-Term course Teaching Writing, and is an excellent opportunity for participants to help fellow students while also improving their own writing. Visit the Writing Center for more information. Graduate students seeking professional development opportunities in teaching or tutoring should contact the director of the Writing Center, Professor Ryan Madan, for more information.

The SSN training from the Student Development and Counseling Center taught me how to help my peers when they were in need. This experience has proved invaluable over the years; I would recommend it, without reservation, to any student who is interested.