COVID-19 Resources

With the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency and widespread vaccination, WPI is taking a "self-managed care" approach to our COVID-19 practices:

  • Students and employees are strongly encouraged to stay up to date with vaccination but are no longer required to do so.
  • Covid test kits are available at area pharmacies and online; students who have symptoms can contact Student Health Services at 508-831-5520 to schedule an appointment to be seen and tested.
  • Please test before returning to campus after breaks or vacation to help minimize infection on campus.
  • Students and employees are no longer required to report a positive test.
  • Those who test positive can self-manage their isolation and care.
    • Isolate at home or in your residence hall; isolation space is available for students with special situations.
    • Students should call Student Health Services (see below) if they have severe symptoms; employees should call their healthcare provider.  

If you have a need for isolation space, health concerns or other questions that are not addressed here, please call the following departments. 

Medical Emergency on campus:  Campus Police, 508-831-5555

Medical Emergency off campus: 911

Covid isolation space: the Housing & Residential Experience Center, 508-831-5645

Student health concerns during business hours:  Student Health Services, 508-831-5520

Student health concerns after hours: On-call doctor, 508-334-8830

Other COVID-related information: Student Health Services, 508-831-5520 


You're not alone. WPI is a community of caring students, faculty, and staff who are here to support each other. Here are some of the many resources available, particularly for undergraduate and graduate students.