Peer Well-Being Ambassadors

Calling All Students: Apply to Become a Peer Well-Being Ambassador!

Are you passionate about well-being and promoting a campus culture that supports each member of the WPI community? Apply to join us as a Peer Well-Being Ambassador (PWBA). You’ll work with CWB staff and within the WPI community to develop skills in group facilitation, community outreach, communication, and knowledge related to public health promotion and wellness. You’ll also have the option of becoming certified ProjectConnect Facilitators.

Accepted students are encouraged to dedicate at least 8 hours per week during a four-term academic year to the CWB. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and Federal Work-Study students are highly encouraged to apply.

*Please note, the CWB is currently only accepting applications from Federal Work-Study students at this time.


Meet our Peer Ambassadors and see why they love the Center for Well-Being:

Picture of Peer Ambassador Ella Agran

Ella Agran ’25

Aerospace Engineering

“It's a welcoming place where I can rejuvenate.”

Picture of Peer Ambassador Jessica Feeney

Jessica Feeney ’24

Mechanical Engineering, Professional Writing, and Business Management

“A safe place that changes the stigma behind mental illness.”

Picture of Peer Ambassador Theron Howe

Theron Howe ’23

Civil Engineering

“A place where we can actively help each other.”

Picture of Peer Ambassador Samuel Forero

Samuel Forero Miranda ’25

Robotics Engineering

“It is the safest place for students’ emotions.”

Picture of peer ambassador June Whittall

June Whittall ’26

Interactive Media and Game Development

“It provides a safe space for whoever may need it!”

Picture of Peer Ambassador Noah Bedard

Noah Bedard ’24

Professional Writing

“It will help spread awareness and hope about mental health."

Picture of Peer Ambassador Samantha Havel

Samantha Havel ’23

Biomedical Engineering

“The people here are amazing!”

Picture of Peer Ambassador Emily Leong

Emily Leong ’26

Mechanical Engineering

“It's a space for peace.”

Picture of Peer Ambassador Zarrin Rahman

Zarrin Rahman ’25

Environmental Engineering

“It's a designated and comfortable environment to take a break in.”

Picture of peer ambassador Utku Yakar

Utku Mert Yakar ’26

Computer Science

“It's a place for personal growth.”

Picture of Peer Ambassador Fernanda Calix

Fernanda Cálix ’25

Aerospace Engineering

“It's all about helping others."

Picture of Peer Ambassador Jada Hinds Williams

Jada Hinds-Williams ’23

Psychological Science

“Our community now has a space where they can learn about holistic health.”

Picture of Peer Ambassador Lily MacDonald

Lily MacDonald ’24


“You can always find support.”

Picture of peer ambassador Tracy Yang

Tracy Yang ’25

Robotics Engineering

“It helps destigmatize mental illness.”