Our Services

The CWB is a supportive and safe space to gather, relax, reflect, and recharge. The Center offers a beautiful and supportive oasis of calm and peace with community spaces for popping in for a wellness break and cup of tea, quiet spaces for meditation or reflection, and gathering spaces for group programming.

Our services include:

  • Coordination of Wellness Days programming with departments and student groups
  • Individual consultations and small group programming designed to foster wellness and resilience
  • Mental health awareness education and training
  • Peer advocacy and support
  • Project opportunities (IQP, MQP, graduate work) focused on studying and promoting health and well-being
  • Suicide prevention initiatives
  • Wellness courses for PE credit
Location: Daniels Hall

Reiki Sessions Available!

Sign up for a 15-minute Reiki session with certified Reiki master, Catherine Flayhan, as you experience healing in your whole-body by the gentle placement of the practitioner’s hands above or lightly on the receiver's body. Reiki is a healing practice that helps to bring your energetic body into alignment.   Humans have two body forms. One is our physical body supported by our spine, bones, organs. We also have an energetic body with a central column that runs along our spine called a Sushumna. This is where the seven main Chakras live as well as the Nadis, which are channels that bring energy out to the rest of our body. Both can become out of alignment. When your energetic body is unaligned you visit a Reiki Practitioner. Open to students, faculty, and staff.

Reserve your session here!

Sip of Wellness: Rest and Recovery Room is Now Open!

Looking for a tech-savvy way to decompress this term? Grab a “sip of wellness” in the Center for Well-Being’s Rest and Recovery Room (Program Room 102A). Sessions are held every fifteen minutes Monday through Friday, 8:30am-9:00pm. You’ll have the chance to virtually connect with nature, find balance, and ground yourself with Three Sages restorative content, a zero-gravity chair, compression boots, and red-light therapy. Open to students, faculty, and staff.

Reserve your space today, or drop into the CWB to see if there are any openings!

Sand garden in the Center for Well Being
Picture of the inside lobby of the Center for Well Being
Lobby desk area to greet students at the Center for Well Being
Lego flowers and succulents on display in the lobby of the Center for Well Being