WISHES Well-Being Initiative

CWB Launches WISHES Assessment Program to Promote Systemic Change to Improve Equitable Well-Being
When are the focus groups?

Wednesday, March 20th 12-1pm

Tuesday, March 26th 1-2pm

Friday, March 29th 11am-12pm

What's involved with participating in one of the focus groups?

We'll ask you a few questions about your experiences at WPI and what influences your well-being. You can share as much or as little as is comfortable for you.

What are the perks?
  • An opportunity to have your voice be heard and contribute to change for LGBTQ+ students at WPI.
  • Free pizza and snacks will be provided for students who participate in the focus groups as well as a chance to win prizes.

What is WISHES?

The Wellbeing Improvement Survey for Higher Education Settings (WISHES) is a brief survey developed by the Actionable Network for Equitable Wellbeing (ANEW) that provides colleges and universities data that allows them to adapt and improve institutional norms, structures, and processes to enable all students to thrive and flourish. 

More information about WISHES can be found on the ANEW website.

How does WPI use WISHES?

Through the CWB, WPI first launched the WISHES survey to students in Fall 2023. The survey is now sent out to a different randomly selected quarter of the undergraduate population each term allowing us to collect data four times each academic year and analyze student wellness trends as the year progresses as well as year to year.  

The data collected via the WISHES survey is used in combination with other WPI data, including the annual Enrolled Student Survey (ESS), to identify populations of students that are disproportionally thriving less than their peers. We then collect additional information on those identified populations through student focus groups and individual interviews with WPI students, staff, and faculty to identify the reasons those students aren’t thriving as well. We use that knowledge to develop initiatives and programs that seek to change campus norms, processes, and structures to remove those barriers and improve students’ well-being.  

We acknowledge that institutional change is an iterative process that will involve continual evaluation and adjustments and not something that can be achieved once and then left alone. Our intention with the WISHES initiative is to engage in that iterative process and create meaningful and sustainable improvements in WPI student well-being.