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  • Custodial Services

    Custodial services are provided on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, in every facility. Students are responsible for picking up after themselves. Our Custodial staff are responsible for cleaning the picked up common spaces, providing minor, routine maintenance (replacing light bulbs, toilet paper, etc.), emptying trash, and inspecting and maintaining each building.

    Custodians do not clean individual student rooms and students are responsible for placing their trash and recyclables in the appropriate receptacles. Your building custodians work hard for you and WPI. Please respect what they do and make the effort to get to know them.

  • Keys & Access Control

    Exterior doors to all residence halls are locked 24 hours a day to keep unwanted individuals out of the residence halls. Room keys are issued by Residential Services at the beginning of every school year. All keys are the property of the university and may not be duplicated and/or transferred to other persons. Students are expected to keep their keys with them at all times. If the keys are lost, stolen, or not returned after termination of occupancy, the resident will be billed the cost of changing the locks. It is a violation of college policy to lend or make available for use, any key(s) to a room/apartment, to anyone other than the occupant of that room/apartment.

    Residence hall doors must be kept locked at all times. Tampering with locks in the residence hall is prohibited.  Disciplinary action including restitution may result from these actions.

    Lost Key Procedure


  • Dining Services

    Students residing in the following locations are required to have a residential meal plan.  As stated in the Housing & Dining Contract, residential meal plans are legally binding and a financial obligation for the entire academic year.

    • Daniels Hall
    • Founders Hall
    • Institute Hall
    • Messenger Hall
    • Morgan Hall
    • Riley Hall
    • Stoddard Complex
    • Trowbridge House

    Students residing in the following location have the option to purchase a voluntary meal plan, found here: Dine on Campus website

    • East Hall
    • Elbridge House
    • Ellsworth Apartments
    • Faraday Hall
    • Fuller Apartments
    • Hackfeld House
    • Schussler House
    • WPI Townhouses

    Changes in meal plans may be made within the first 2 weeks of Terms A and C only.

  • Laundry Services

    There are two laundry services contracted for the WPI campus. The laundry service available to  each student is dependent upon which residence hall they are assigned to.

    Washers and dryers available through Automatic Laundry: Daniels Hall, Ellsworth/Fuller apartments, Founders Hall, Institute Hall, Faraday Hall, Messenger Hall, WPI Townhouses, and the four residential houses. Students are encouraged to utilize Automatic Laundry app pay for all machines.

    Wash, dry, fold pickup/drop off service through E & R Laundry: Students work directly with E & R Laundry on payment for service.

  • Elevators

    Elevators are located in Daniels Hall, East Hall, Faraday Hall, Founders Hall, Institute Hall, Messenger Hall, Morgan Hall, and Riley Hall.

  • Cars & Parking

    Parking is maintained by WPI Campus Police; please visit their website for information on obtaining a parking pass.

  • Transportation

    Campus transportation is manage through WPI Campus Police.