Living On Campus

Living on Campus

Your Home.  You're Home.

With the right investment and engagement, living on campus can change your life!  While living in the residence halls, you will never again be closer to the heart of the WPI experience.  There will be countless opportunities for collaborations on projects, conversations on world issues, and social connections with Goats from across the globe.

Students who live on campus are more likely to interact with professors outside of class, attend cultural events, seek employment on campus, and participate in clubs and organizations. By getting involved, students develop an identity with the larger University community, quickly develop social networks, and find opportunities for intellectual, spiritual, physical, and occupational growth.

As a resident, you'll be within easy walking distance to classrooms, dining halls, the Sports & Recreation Center, and campus activities, and will gain a greater sense of connection with the university and with the people you will meet.  Our hope is that living on campus provides you with an experience you can look back on and realize how much you have learned and grown, both academically and socially.

Residential Safety Protocols

Frequent cleaning and sanitization procedures of bathrooms, common areas, hallways, and other shared spaces will be in place. Social distancing and the wearing of face coverings is optional. External Guests and visitors outside of the WPI community will not be permitted in the residence halls.

Residential Dining and Meal Plans

All on-campus dining locations will utilize a reservation system to better allow social distancing practices. Online ordering and takeout options also will be available. Residential Meal Plans will work in multiple locations across campus. More details about dining (hours, menus, and other adjustments to services) can be found here.

Why live on campus?

Living on campus is a major part of the WPI experience. Our residence halls offer much more than just a place to study and sleep.  This is where you’ll explore the richness of your passions, realize your potential, and make an impact.  This is where you’ll meet new people at the center of a dynamic community that supports your academic and social growth.  Do homework together. Watch a new movie.  Collaborate and discover.  Sleep in.  Eat dinner while watching the sun set over the athletics field.  Live and learn.


A Better University Experience

National research indicates that living on campus contributes to greater overall satisfaction with and success in college.

Students living on campus:

  • are more satisfied with their living environments
  • are more likely to graduate and to enter graduate school
  • meet more diverse people
  • are exposed to a wider range of ideas and cultures
  • develop greater artistic interests
  • develop strong interpersonal skills
  • finish college in less time
  • have more contact with faculty and other students
  • are more likely to have greater self esteem

Become a leader now.  Gain skills for tomorrow.

Living on campus will provide you with many opportunities to become a leader.   You can have an impact on WPI through your participation in activities and leadership opportunities.

Resident Advisor

Each year the Housing & Residential Experience Center hires students to serve as leaders of the residence hall floors.  The application is available in B Term. The resident advisor position is a great opportunity to mentor fellow students, support your peers through challenging times, and provide social opportunities to build connections.

Residence Hall Opportunities

Residence Hall Councils are the student-run governing bodies in the Residence Halls. Getting involved with Hall Council is a great way for you to meet others and develop leadership skills. Hall Councils help plan educational and social activities, recommend improvements, and advise on policy issues.

The Residence Hall Council (RHC) is the governing body for all the halls. RHC is an excellent way to meet new people, plan campus activities, and develop strong leadership skills.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is a nationally recognized leadership and service honor society that recognizes the efforts of members of the WPI community through monthly awards and works to provide service projects that directly benefit the WPI and Worcester communities. NRHH provides recognition of exceptional student leaders and members of the WPI community. This honor society celebrates the top one percent of residential student leaders on campus.

You can also get involved in many volunteer service projects or apply for one of the  student employment positions available in many campus departments.

Daniels Hall

East Hall

Ellsworth Apartments

Faraday Hall

Founders Hall

Institute Hall

Morgan Hall

Sanford Riley Hall

Stoddard Complex

WPI Townhouses

Make friends and broaden your horizons.

By walking down the hall, you will meet people from all around the world.  You'll form study groups and join intramural teams.  It will not take long to make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Opportunities for involvement is one of the many advantages of on campus living.  Movies, field trips, theatrical and musical performances, workshops, guest speakers, sports, and impromptu gatherings are just a few of the many activities waiting for you and your friends.  Residence hall staff and students host social and all-hall programs to enrich the quality of life.

We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities.  Your participation and involvement will help you create an environment where friendships flourish, new experiences abound, and people feel at home.

Confidential Contact Form

In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (the HEOA), WPI is providing students with the opportunity to identify a Confidential Contact Person. In addition to registering an emergency contact, students have the option to identify confidentially an individual to be contacted by WPI in the event the student is determined to be missing for more than 24 hours.  Please use this form (PDF) to list your confidential contact(s); forms may be returned directly to the Housing & Residential Experience Center or your Resident Advisor (if you have one).

Accommodated Housing

The Housing & Residential Experience Center is committed to providing students with disabilities an equal opportunity to access their residential community. In partnership with the Office of Accessibility Services, students are provided reasonable accommodations to meet documented need associated with medical, physical, or psychological conditions.