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WPI offers housing to current students throughout the summer who are working on campus or are participating in a WPI affiliated program. Our goal is to offer summer housing that is affordable, convenient, and makes sense for students.

Application & Important Information


The summer housing application is now available at . 

  • Current WPI students who are working on campus or are participating in a WPI affiliated program may apply for summer housing.
  • Late Stay: If you need to stay late past closing on Thursday, May 5, you will need to sign up for summer housing. You will be relocated to the centralized summer housing location and you must be prepared to move starting Friday, May 6.
  • All Summer Housing locations will have kitchens with ovens and refrigerators because meal plans are not available. Students must furnish their own pots, pans, dishes, silverware, etc. 
  • All summer housing students must be available to move into their new assignment between May 16-23.
  • All summer housing students will receive a new housing assignment in a centralized building that will be different than their academic year space.
  • Summer housing at WPI is continuous, meaning you have one check in and one check out date. (It does not function like booking a hotel for individual nights.)

Students with Spring 2021 and Fall 2022 on campus housing assignment:

  • Summer housing dates: Thursday,  May 5 - Friday, August 19

Students living off campus for Fall 2022:

  • Summer housing dates: Thursday,  May 5 - Wednesday. August 10

Students moving from off campus housing to summer housing:

  • Summer housing dates: Monday,  May 16 - Wednesday. August 10

Graduating Seniors ONLY:

  • Note that the latest possible check out date and time is Saturday, May 14 at 11:00pm.


Summer Housing rates per night per person:

  • $30 single room
  • $25 double room
  • Students will be placed in single occupancy bedrooms unless you indicate a roommate preference.
  • Students will also have the opportunity to indicate an apartment mate preference (in the same apartment, not in the same bedroom).


Current on-campus students -  Residential students will remain in their current D term placement from academic year closing until their summer housing assignment is ready. You will be notified by Residential Services when you are able to move with specifics. Please be prepared to move to your summer assignment the week following commencement, if not earlier.   

Fall semester transition -  If you are staying through August and have an on-campus housing assignment for Fall, you will be notified by Residential Services when you are able to move with specifics.  Please be prepared to move into your Fall assignment in the beginning of August.  Transitions may occur as early as the last weekend of July. If you do not have an academic year 22-23 housing assignment, your latest possible checkout date is Wednesday, August 10.



What if I need to stay late? (INCLUDING GRADUATING SENIORS) 

  • Extensions to stay beyond closing must be approved by Residential Services. You need to complete the summer housing application found at by Wednesday, April 27 at 5pm to be approved to stay past May 5th 
  • Residents of the Hampton Inn, Wachusett House, and WPI Townhouses will be relocated to a location of Residential Services choosing and timeline. 

  • All late stay students should be prepared to be relocated depending on building needs. 

  • Students requesting to stay beyond May 5, depending on circumstances MAY have to pay a charge of $30 per day. 

  • Specific information about your late stay will be sent to you individually based on your residence hall.

Summer Housing Experience

Summer housing is not just a place to sleep during the summer, but provides residents with an opportunity to connect with others, participate in programs, and to experience the campus and Worcester community.

The summer Community Director (CD) and resident advisor (RA) staff provides social programs, information on activities to do in Worcester and on-campus, as well as support residents through any questions or concerns they may have.