Goat Bucks

Goatbucks are a convenient way to pay for food, services, and bookstore purchases using your WPI ID card.  All students, faculty, and staff can add funds to a Goatbucks declining balance account. You can use your WPI ID card with Goatbucks to purchase non-meal plan food and services on campus, as well as food from select off-campus locations.  Best of all, you get a 10% discount when you use Goatbucks at many campus dining locations.


Anyone with a WPI ID card automatically has a Goatbucks account. You can GET GOATBUCKS using any of these easy options.

There is no minimum balance required in your Goat Bucks account. You can add as little as $25 to your account, and it appears immediately on your account if you use the GET website or app.  


Upon terminating your relationship with WPI, you will receive an automatic credit for unused Goatbucks (if balance is $10 or more) to your account (you will receive a final refund if you have a remaining credit balance on your account). The refund will appear in Workday.

NO REFUNDS are permitted during a semester unless you are withdrawing from the university.

Where Can I Use Goat Bucks?

On campus dining venues:

  • Campus Center Food Court*
  • The Goat’s Head Restaurant*
  • Higgins House*
  • The 1970 Library Café*
  • Pulse on Dining Marketplace (non-meal plan)*
  • Grab & Go at Morgan Dining*
  • Outtakes Convenience Store*
  • Vending machines
  • Dunkin Donuts

*Save 10% when you use Goatbucks at these on-campus locations

Campus and the Housing & Residential Experience Center: WPI bookstore, selected copiers and printers at the Gordon Library, laundry, helpdesk, mailroom, campus police, and recreation center

Off campus locations: Goatbucks are accepted at a variety of local vendors including restaurants and grocery stores.