Attend the Global Fair

The Global Fair will be held on Wednesday, September 12 from 2-5pm in the Sports & Rec Center. Every off-campus Project Center will be represented as we kick off the application season for 2019-2020 programs. All Sophomores who are interested in completing an off-campus IQP are strongly encouraged to attend.  Consult your passport to review important information about next steps in the application process. A copy of the passport can be found here: Passport 2018 (PDF)

Watch the Getting Started Video (IQP Applicants)

Getting Started IQP Application Process (19-20)

We have created a step-by-step guide to walk you through the IQP application process. For details on site ratings, see below.

Browse Programs

You can browse program options on eProjects. We encourage all applicants to read the details of program opportunities carefully and watch videos when available to better understand the project center locations that interest you. Some factors to consider as you browse programs include (hint: these answers can be found on the program pages!):

  • What type of projects have been completed at the Project Center?
  • Do you have any personal health concerns (allergies, chronic conditions) that could impact where you travel based on climate and/or environmental factors?
  • What term(s) can you feasibly go away?
  • What price range are you looking at for this experience? Have you discussed cost with your family?

Visit the Dates and Deadlines page for a full overview of the application timeline. 

Open an Application

You can begin an application for the IQP, MQP or HUA on eProjects

Applications for IQP will open on Sept 12. MQP and HUA applications will open in early B Term.  

To preview the IQP application visit the Application Preview page. To view important deadlines visit the Dates and Deadlines page.  

Project Center Preference Ratings (IQP Only)

Important changes have been made this year to the Global Projects Program IQP application process in order to give more students an even greater chance to be placed at a project site they are interested in. Instead of listing a first-choice site, you will rate all of the project center/term offerings as Very InterestedInterested, or Not Interested. This way, you will be considered for multiple sites at the same time. With 50 project center/term offerings, there is a lot to choose from! More guidance on the rating process and factors to consider can be found here: Guidance for Project Center Preference Ratings FINAL.pdf

Prepare Materials

The application includes background information, writing prompts, an updated resume, and two references.  View the Application Preview to have a look before you begin. 

Receive Placement

Placements will be announced via email.  Be sure to follow all of the necessary steps to commit to your placement. To view the placement dates visit the Dates and Deadlines section. 

Things to Consider

As you begin your application process, keep in mind that off-campus experiences offer a certain set of challenges, no matter the location. Students should expect to balance team dynamics, a demanding work schedule, and relationships with local sponsors all while getting comfortable in your host environment. When traveling away from home, and in many instances out of the country, it is normal to experience periods of homesickness and even culture shock as you adjust to your new environment. 

On each program page you will find details regarding housingtransportationclimate, and other unique factors specific to the project center location.  It is important that students read these details carefully, consulting with family members when necessary, to determine whether or not a location will be a good fit. After placement, the IGSD offers a robust pre-departure orientation program, starting as soon as two terms prior to departure, in order to help you prepare for your term off-campus. 

Well prepared students are better able to enjoy the unique and challenging experiences that off-campus project work offers – we look forward to working with you in this process!