Major Qualifying Project (MQP)

MQP students pursue technical projects in their major course of study, frequently in partnership with industry leaders and other universities.

Off-Campus MQP Application Process Newsletter

This is your complete guide to the application process for off-campus MQP project centers in the 2024-2025 academic year. 

Off-Campus MQP Application Process Newsletter


How to Apply

Consider Location & Cost
  • You can browse program options on eProjects. We encourage all applicants to read the details of program opportunities carefully and watch videos when available to better understand the project center locations that interest you. On each program page you will find details regarding major availability, housing, transportation, climate, and other unique factors specific to the project center location. It is important that you read these details carefully, consulting with family members when necessary, to determine whether or not a location will be a good fit. After placement, the GEO offers a robust pre-departure orientation program, starting as soon as two terms prior to departure, in order to help you prepare for your term off-campus.
  • Some factors to consider as you browse programs include (hint: these answers can be found on the program pages!):
    • What type of projects have been completed at the Project Center?
    • Do you have any personal health concerns (allergies, chronic conditions) that could impact where you travel based on climate and/or environmental factors?
    • What term(s) can you feasibly go away?
    • What price range are you looking at for this experience? Have you discussed cost with your family?
Preview Application Materials

The application process for the Global Projects Program (GPP) is competitive.  Meeting deadlines and completing all components of the application on time all contribute to a successful application. Every application is carefully reviewed and considered. However, no student is guaranteed placement at any project center.  Please pay careful attention to the application page for your program as application components may vary. 

  • Profile: Before beginning an application on eProjects, you will be prompted to complete your profile, which includes basic information, including your phone number and an emergency contact.
  • Language Ability: You will be asked to describe your language proficiency in languages other than English, including years of study, if applicable. 
  • Essay: You will be asked to complete an essay in support of your application to an off-campus MQP program.
  • Resume: Upload a recent copy of your updated resume or CV. Your resume should reflect your work experience, volunteer experience and any extracurricular activities in which you have participated or currently participate.
  • Project Center Ranking: You will rank the Project Centers you want to be considered for.
  • Two References: You will only be asked to provide the names and contact info for two references.  You do not need to submit a letter of reference. One reference should be a WPI faculty member. Your second reference can be a WPI faculty or staff member, or a coach, supervisor, or faculty member from another institution who would be willing to serve as a reference for you.
  • Waiver to Access Records: You will be asked to sign off on a few application statements including an understanding of the application process and a release of your transcript and judicial records.

The application for an off-campus MQP can be found on eProjects.

Other Steps
Judicial/Academic Review

If a student has had a judicial incident, we will ask you to complete a reflection essay after you have submitted your application. You may also need to meet with the Judicial Review Committee prior to being accepted to the program. We will also review transcripts at the close of A term, and may contact students to discuss academic standing.

Placement & Commitment
What Happens Next?

Placements will be announced via email.  Be sure to follow all of the necessary steps to commit to your placement.  All placements are final.

Off-Campus MQP Application Opens October 1

Dates and Deadlines

Meeting deadlines, completing all components of the application on time all contribute to a successful application.

  • Applications remain open for 2024-2025 programs. The application process will now continue on a rolling admissions basis.
  • The Monteverde, Costa Rica MQP is now open for applications.
  • Rolling notification of placements has begun and will continue through February.
  • Commitment deadlines are 2 weeks from the date of your placement email.