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The ongoing “Critical Conversations” series began in 2018, responding to a call from Jean King, the Dean of Arts & Sciences, to open the dialogue around tough questions being asked in the world. Continuing to evolve, the series now includes topics sponsored by the School of Engineering, the School of Business and The Global School. Several key conversations will take place in different parts of the nation, to engage with alumni and industries. It provides a forum for the WPI community and our strategic partners to respond to complex issues.

"Science, and its impact on the world—and on us—is an important topic that brings together great minds. WPI has a way of talking about innovation that acknowledges the social and ethical implications of any new technology. All these various perspectives converging around an important and timely topic is something that you don’t find at many other places. But it’s critical in everything we do at WPI. Therefore, critical conversations serve to expand understanding of new discoveries and uncover meaning in many dimensions- thereby igniting the spark for figuring out what’s next."

Jean King


Professor answering a question
Student asking a question from the crowd
Professor responding to a question
Professor presenting to students
crowd for the Critical Conversations event
Critical Conversations Series presentation on a projector screen
Professors presenting to students