Our diverse faculty provides engaging, cutting-edge, and hands-on learning experiences for Computer Science students at WPI. WPI has multiple paths to tenure. The dual-mission track requires a faculty member to contribute to both WPI's teaching and research missions. A teaching-mission track requires a faculty member to focus on the teaching mission with some contributions to service and potentially research. Faculty in the CS department are collaborative and passionate about student learning outcomes and academic achievement through classroom instruction, academic advising, research, as well as advising Interactive Qualifying Projects and Major Qualifying Projects

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Teaching CS at WPI - Faculty Perspective

Professor and head of CS

Craig Shue

Describes the magic of Computer Science, problem-solving and the benefits of project-based learning at WPI.

Assistant Teaching Professor

Matthew Ahrens

Discusses the significance of project-based learning, how WPI supports teaching-track faculty and the impact of active learning on student outcomes. 

Assistant Teaching Professor

Wilson Wong

Talks about how he brings his industry experience into the classroom through real world projects by teaming up with industry leaders such as Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Mass General Hospital, and the US Treasury. 

Professor of Teaching

Rodica Neamtu

Shares her passion for teaching through student-centric, active project-based learning combining theory and practice to create positive global impact using responsible AI.