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CS Faculty

Craig Wills

Craig E Wills

Professor and Department Head
Office: Fuller Labs 234
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5622
My research has primarily focused on Internet application performance and measurement with more recent work examining issues related to Internet privacy. This work has led to a number of research publications and presentations as well as visibility in venues such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and NPR Science Friday. WPI is a great place for me to be a faculty member as I have the opportunity to teach and advise top-quality students as well as pursue interesting directions of research. ... View Profile
Emmanuel Agu

Emmanuel O. Agu

Professor-Computer Science
Office: Fuller Labs 139
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5568
Emmanuel Agu is currently an associate professor in the computer science department at WPI having received his Masters and PhD in electrical and computer engineering at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. His research interests are in the areas of computer graphics, mobile computing, and wireless networks. He is especially interested in research into how to use a smartphone as a platform to deliver better healthcare. ... View Profile
Joseph Beck

Joseph E. Beck

Associate Professor
Office: Fuller Labs 138
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x6156
Joseph Beck, assistant professor of Computer Science, has been at WPI since 2007. His research focuses on educational data mining, a new discipline that develops techniques for analyzing large educational data sets to make discoveries that will improve teaching and learning. His work centers on estimating how computer tutors impact learning. He established the first workshop in the field and in 2008 was program co-chair of the first International Conference on Educational Data Mining. ... View Profile
Rose Bohrer

Rose Bohrer

Assistant Professor
Office: Fuller Labs 132
Rose's academic interests lie where logic meets computer science: formal methods (the study of software correctness) and programming language theory. Her dissertation focuses on computer-assisted theorem-proving for cyber-physical systems: systems where computers are responsible for keeping physical things and people safe. Her favorite thing about these research topics is the connection to many fields, including robotics, security, machine learning, medicine, and even games.  She completed her PhD at Carnegie Mellon University in 2021. ... View Profile
Mark Claypool

Mark L. Claypool

Office: Fuller Labs B24
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5409
Mark Claypool has been a professor of Computer Science and Interactive Media Game Development at WPI since 1997. Mark has a B.A. in Mathematics from Colorado College and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed conference and journal papers and written two books on computer games. He has chaired several ACM conferences on networks, games and multimedia and served on the technical program committee for over 40 of them. ... View Profile
Joshua Cuneo

Joshua M Cuneo

Office: Fuller Labs B33
I'm a transplanted San Francisco hippie who's found his way to New England through Georgia. My interests are in digital media, programming, scientific computing, space exploration, green technology, and the interdisciplinary uses of computing. When not teaching, I enjoy computer programming, reading, creative writing, video production, astronomy, hiking, traveling, and science fiction, among other interests. I also volunteer with FIRST Lego League and with the videography staff at DragonCon in Atlanta. I'm an avid Star Trek fan, but I usually leave my Vulcan ears at home. ... View Profile
Lorenzo DeCarli

Lorenzo DeCarli

Assistant Professor-Computer Science
Office: FL B20
I am generally interested in  network security  and  traffic analysis , and in the challenges that arise when attempting to design security systems which are  performant ,  effective , and  usable . My interests cover: IoT and residential network security Web and cloud security Software security Malware detection and understanding Usable security View Profile
Daniel Dougherty

Daniel J. Dougherty

Office: Fuller Labs 231
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5621
The common thread running through my teaching and research is the use of mathematical methods---especially methods based on logic---in designing and building systems. Interesting systems are too complex to be understood by informal intuitions, and it can be very powerful to use formal tools to help understand whether the system we are actually building really fulfills our ideas about what it is supposed to do. Tools based on logic can help people build things in a way guided by specification, and indeed they can help people arrive at the right formal specification in the first place. ... View Profile
Mohamed Eltabakh

Mohamed Y. Eltabakh

Associate Professor
Office: Unity Hall 365
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x6421
Professor Eltabakh’s research is in the broad area of Database Management Systems and Information Management. In particular, his work is in the areas of query processing and optimization, indexing techniques, scientific data management, and large-scale data analytics. Prof. Eltabakh is currently exploring possible extensions to both database management systems and Hadoop framework to support scientific applications and health-care systems. He is a member of the Database Systems Research Group (DSRG) and a faculty member of the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BCB) program. ... View Profile
Michael Engling

Michael Engling

Assistant Teaching Professor-Computer Science
Office: Fuller Labs 306
I was most recently Associate Director for Graduate Programs in Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. While there I also served as supervisor of Curricular Practical Training and lectured on Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Discrete Structures, and the Theory of Computation, among other topics. I previously taught Mathematics at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Florida. My research interests include Computer Science Education, Security and Privacy, Cryptography, and Combinatorial Games. ... View Profile
Tian Guo

Tian Guo

Assistant Professor
Office: Fuller Labs 138
I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts Amherst advised by Prof. Prashant Shenoy in 2016. I am a system builder. My research is about modeling system behaviors, especially these of large scale systems, and to build prototypes that help to empirically evaluate system's behaviors. Broadly, I am interested in designing systems to handle new trade-offs in cost, performance and efficiency. ... View Profile
Lane Harrison

Lane T. Harrison

Associate Professor-Computer Science
Office: Fuller 136
Information visualization is a powerful means for understanding data and informing human minds. As people begin to rely on visualizations to make high-impact and even life-critical decisions, there is a growing need to ensure that information can be perceived accurately and precisely. My research addresses these challenges by leveraging cognitive and perceptual principles to quantify and model user performance with visualizations. ... View Profile
Neil Heffernan

Neil Heffernan

Office: Unity Hall 388
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5569
Neil T. Heffernan enjoys doing educational data mining and running the ASSISTments system. ASSISTments helps schools teach better. It’s a web service hosted at WPI that allows teachers to assign nightly homework or daily class work. Students get instant feedback while teachers get live reports. Professor Heffernan enjoys supervising WPI students in creating ASSISTments content and features. He has  6 dozens paper in educational data mining, and 20+ papers in comparing different ways to optimize student learning. ... View Profile
George Heineman

George T. Heineman

Associate Professor
Office: Fuller Labs 133
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5502
Computer programming makes it possible to solve problems that otherwise could never be attempted. You can create worlds that could never be possible and help make this world a better place. Most of my professional and personal accomplishments were possible directly because of my understanding and practice of computer programming. For me, programming led me to appreciate fundamental concepts in computer science and directed me to major in CS. I've always been passionate about the possibilities of computer programming; this forms the basis for all of my teaching. ... View Profile
Xiangnan Kong

Xiangnan Kong

Associate Professor-Computer Science
Office: Unity Hall, Rm 382
Professor Kong’s research interests focus on data mining and machine learning, with emphasis on addressing the data science problems in biomedical and social applications. Data today involves an increasing number of data types that need to be handled differently from conventional data records, and an increasing number of data sources that need to be fused together. Dr. Kong is particularly interested in designing algorithms to tame data variety issues in various research fields, such as biomedical research, social computing, neuroscience, and business intelligence. ... View Profile
Dmitry Korkin

Dmitry Korkin

Professor-Computer Science
Office: Fuller Labs, Room B22
My research is interdisciplinary and spans the fields of bioinformatics of complex disease, computational genomics, systems biology, and biomedical data analytics. We bring expertise in machine learning, data mining and massive data analytics to study molecular mechanisms underlying genetic disorders, such as cancer, diabetes, and autism, and deadly infections, such as pandemic flu. Our approaches benefit from integrating Next Generation Sequencing, high-throughput interactomics, and structural biology data. ... View Profile
Kyumin Lee

Kyumin Lee

Associate Professor
Office: Unity Hall 363
Dr. Lee’s research interests are in social computing, information retrieval, data science, and cybersecurity over large-scale networked information systems like the Web, social media, crowdfunding, and crowd-based systems. My research focus has both positive and negative dimensions. On one hand, I focus on threats to these systems and design methods to mitigate negative behaviors; on the other, I look for positive opportunities to mine and analyze these systems for developing next generation algorithms and architectures that can empower decision makers. View Profile
Yanhua Li

Yanhua Li

Associate Professor-Computer Science
Office: Unity Hall 384
My broad research interests are in analyzing, understanding, and making sense of big data generated from various complex networks in many contexts, including urban network analysis, large-scale network data sampling, measurement, online social behavior modeling. My recent research focuses on exploring the challenges in managing and analyzing big data from urban networks, with an ultimate goal of improving human life quality and designing smarter cities. ... View Profile
Prof. Xiaozhong Liu alt
Associate Professor @ CS and DS

Xiaozhong Liu

Associate Professor
Dr. Xiaozhong Liu is an Associate Professor at Computer Science and Data Science, WPI. Before that, he was Associate Professor at School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering Indiana University Bloomington. His research interests include natural language processing (NLP), text/graph mining, information retrieval/recommendation, metadata, and computational social science. His dissertation at Syracuse University (advisor Dr. Elizabeth D. Liddy) explored an innovative ranking method that weighted the retrieved results by leveraging dynamic community interests. ... View Profile
Rodica Neamtu

Rodica Neamtu

Associate Professor of Teaching
Office: Fuller Labs FL129
Phone: +1 (508) 8316802
I am a data mining researcher who investigates how to develop and leverage ground-breaking techniques to explore time series datasets at the confluence of theoretical computer science and application domains like medicine, neuroscience, economics, transportation, and complex decision making. With more than fifteen years of teaching experience in various academic institutions, I am committed to using my love and talent for teaching and research to empower others through education to make a difference in the world   . ... View Profile
Daniel Reichman Headshot

Daniel Reichman

Assistant Professor-Computer Science
Office: 100 Institute Road
I have completed my PhD at the Weizmann Institute of Science in 2014. Afterwards, I have been a postdoc at Cornell, UC Berkeley and Princeton. I am interested in how theoretical insights from computer science, discrete mathematics and probability theory can lead to better algorithms in the domains of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Intractability results such as NP hardness arise in numerous AI applications. Devising ``beyond worst case" approaches that can bypass intractability results is one of my main research interests. ... View Profile
Charles Roberts

Charles Davis Roberts

Assistant Professor
Office: FL B25b
My research examines human-centered computing in digital arts practice. I designed and developed a creative coding environment for the browser, Gibber (, that I use both for educational research and audiovisual performances. Gibber is used to teach computational media to middle school, high school and university students in locations around the world, and I've performed with it throughout the US, UK and Asia in the experimental performance genre known as live coding. View Profile
Carolina Ruiz

Carolina Ruiz

Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences
Office: Fuller Labs 232
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5640
Carolina Ruiz is the Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences and the Harold L. Jurist ’61 and Heather E. Jurist Dean's Professor of Computer Science. She joined the WPI faculty in 1997. Prof. Ruiz’s research is in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Mining, and their applications to Medicine and Health. She has worked on several clinical domains including sleep, stroke, obesity and pancreatic cancer. Prof. ... View Profile
Elke Rundensteiner

Elke A. Rundensteiner

Office: Unity Hall 360/361
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5815
As founding Director of the interdisciplinary Data Science program here at WPI, I take great pleasure in doing all in my power to support the Data Science community in all its facets from research collaborations, new educational initiatives to our innovative Graduate Qualifying projects at the graduate level. Having served as primary advisor and mentor of over 35 PhD students who have secured successful professional careers in computing, I'm proud of all the great accomplishments of students I have had the opportunity to collaborate with. ... View Profile
Gabor Sarkozy

Gabor N Sarkozy

Office: Fuller Labs 134
Phone: +1 (508) 8315408
My research interests are in graph theory, discrete mathematics, and theoretical computer science. I am especially interested in studying the structure of very large graphs,; an area that is getting more and more important these days. I enjoy teaching at WPI; in particular, I enjoy the project experience. I am the founder and director of the Budapest Project Center, the first and only WPI Project Center in Eastern Europe. I love sports, especially tennis and soccer. View Profile
Craig Shue

Craig A. Shue

Associate Professor
Office: Fuller Labs 236
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x4933
I am interested in computer networking and security. Given the significance of the Internet in our economy and society, I am interested in improvements and studies that can have a real-world impact. My recent work has focused on how to make both enterprise and residential networks more secure. In my research work, I am exploring ways to change the traditional computer network communication model using techniques such as software-defined networking and network function virtualization. ... View Profile
Therese Smith

Therese Mary Smith

Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: FL-144
Dr. Smith's research interests are in computational medicine and computer science education. Her interest in data flow and other massively parallel computer architectures led to an application of Petri nets in biological networks. She is interested in finding biomarkers in datasets of relatively invasive tests such as a biopsy or blood test, and seeking a version of the biological signal in less invasive tests, such as a breath test or cheek swab. Dr. Smith wishes to use her background as a CEO and entrepreneur to strengthen students’ self-confidence. Dr. ... View Profile
Gillian Smith

Gillian Margaret Smith

Associate Professor-Computer Science
Office: Fuller Labs B23
Dr. Smith's research interests are in computational creativity, game design, computer science education, and the intersection of traditional crafts and computation. Her interdisciplinary work merges technical research in AI and HCI with creative practice in textiles and games, with a view towards addressing social issues and broadening participation and perspectives on computing. ... View Profile
Erin Solovey

Erin Solovey

Assistant Professor
Office: FL B21
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x6936
My research is in human-computer interaction. One focus of my research is on next-generation interaction techniques, such as brain-computer interfaces, physiological computing, and reality-based interaction. I design, build and evaluate interactive computing systems that use machine learning approaches to adapt and support the user’s changing cognitive state and context. I also investigate novel paradigms for designing with accessibility in mind, particularly for the Deaf community. Much of my work also explores effective human interaction with complex and autonomous systems and vehicles. ... View Profile
Shubbhi Taneja

Shubbhi Taneja

Assistant Teaching Professor
Dr. Shubbhi Taneja is an Assistant Teaching Professor at WPI since Fall 2021. Prior to joining WPI, she worked as a tenure-track faculty for three years in the Department of Computer Science of California State University, Sonoma. She completed her Ph.D. ... View Profile
Robert Walls

Robert Joseph Walls

Assistant Professor
Office: Fuller Labs 147
My research focuses on systems security and performance.  Consequently, my projects often lie at the intersection of software and hardware. Some of my projects include developing compiler-based defenses for embedded microcontrollers, providing security and privacy for deep learning, and reverse-engineering the behavior of proprietary GPU microarchitectures to improve system performance.  View Profile
Jonathan Weinstock

Jonathan Weinstock

Assistant Teaching Professor-Computer Science
Office: 243 Fuller Labs
I am a practical and highly analytical problem solver, having worked in corporate R&D for 35 years at Bell Labs/Bellcore/Telcordia/Ericsson, Netapp, Motorola and Cisco Systems, and in academia as an Assistant Professor and as Adjunct Faculty. ... View Profile
Jacob Whitehill

Jacob Richard Whitehill

Assistant Professor
Office: 100 Institute RD
My research interests are in applied machine learning, computer vision, data science and their applications to education, affective computing, and human behavior recognition. My work is highly interdisciplinary and frequently intersects cognitive science, psychology, and education. Before joining WPI, I was a research scientist at the Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning at Harvard University. In 2012, I co-founded Emotient, a San Diego-based startup company for automatic emotion and facial expression recognition. ... View Profile
Wilson Wong

Wilson Wong

Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: Fuller B19
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5706
Prior to entering academia, I worked as Chief Technologist, Director of Information Systems, and Director of Technical Operations at various corporations in the information systems and software field. For the past 20 years teaching in university courses, I have aimed to impart this industry experience in my software engineering and databases courses by incorporating real life projects, examples, and whenever possible, collaborations with business organizations such as Brigham & Women's Hospital, the US Treasury, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital. ... View Profile
Ali Yousefi

Ali Yousefi

Assistant Professor
Office: 145 Fuller Lab.
My research focuses on developing methodological solutions to problems concerning neuroscience data analysis. ... View Profile

CS Office Staff and Lab Managers

Refie Cane

Refie Cane

Admin Assistant VI, Graduate Administrative Assistant
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5357
Mary Courtemanche

Mary Katharine Courtemanche

Administrative Assistant V
Phone: +1 (508) 8315357
Katherine Crighton

Katherine Crighton

Operations Manager
Office: Fuller Labs 233
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5678
Katherine is the Operations Manager for the Computer Science Department. Their responsibilities include working with the Department Head, assisting faculty, and managing budgetary and financial matters. They previously worked for the Robotics Engineering department, where they were honored to receive the 2020 Rho Beta Epsilon Award for Excellence in Robotics Education. They have a B.A. ... View Profile

Angela Kao

Grants Manager
Beckley Schowalter

Beckley Wooster Schowalter

Scholarship for Service Program Manager

Michael C. Voorhis

Lab Manager II
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5674

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Jerry Breecher Adjunct Professor 5357 Fuller Laboratories 243
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Berk Calli Assistant Professor 5448 50 Prescott 
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Michael Gennert Professor 5476 85 Prescott 203
Joshua Guttman Research Professor    
Micha Hofri Emeritus Professor

6911 Fuller Laboratories 133
Hao Loi Adjunct Professor    
Aparna Mahadev Adjunct Professor    
Suzanne Mello-Stark Research Professor    
Carlo Pinciroli Assistant Professor 6853 85 Prescott 223B
Gary Pollice Adjunct Instructor/Dir Ecuador PC    
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Candace Sidner Research Professor    
Jing Xiao Professor   85 Prescott 201