Peer Mentor Program

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About the Program

Peer mentors are current students that spend time with incoming students to help them adjust to college life. A student that receives a peer mentor's guidance is called a "mentee." The primary goals of the peer mentorship program are to provide additional assistance for new students and to establish a more robust community amongst students in the department.
Participants in this program will meet regularly throughout the first A and B terms of the mentee's college career, at least once monthly. During those meetings, mentees might consider discussing the following with their mentors:

  • How to balance academics and social activities
  • Study tips and suggestions
  • How to join clubs
  • How to access campus resources
  • Feelings of homesickness
  • Where to get pizza at midnight in Worcester

The mentor will reach out to their mentees over email to arrange for the first meeting. In their first meeting, the mentor and mentees will discuss their goals and how to maintain contact.

Participants will be enrolled in the program during the A and B terms. While official participation will end after that time, we hope mentors and mentees develop a professional and mutually beneficial relationship that continues throughout their college careers.

Request a Mentor

Incoming WPI Computer Science students are eligible to request a mentor. Before you submit your request, please ensure that:

  • You understand the purpose and goals of the program.
  • You can commit to regular meetings with your mentor throughout the A and B terms.
  • You will be responsive to emails and other communications from your mentor.

You may submit your request using the mentor request form, a link to which will be sent out to all incoming Computer Science students. We will use the information provided to match you with a mentor. We will attempt to match students with similar academic and extracurricular interests. The deadline to make a request is August 17, 2022.

Become a Mentor

Mentor applicants are selected by nomination. If you are interested in becoming a mentor and believe you would make a good candidate, consider asking a Computer Science faculty member if they would be willing to nominate you.
Expectations of a mentor include:

  • Patience and Professionalism.
  • Attendance at a brief mentor training session to be held at the beginning of A-term
  • Commitment to meeting with the assigned mentees at least once per month throughout the A- and B-terms.
  • Responding to a brief survey to provide feedback on the program.

Benefits of being a mentor include:

  • Ability to strengthen the WPI Computer Science community.
  • Opportunity to improve leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • The chance to affect positive change in the Computer Science program by providing feedback on your mentees' experiences.
  • Recognition during WPI's graduation ceremony via an honor cord.