WPI’s Computer Science department has excellent laboratories, research spaces, and teaching facilities, offering faculty and students alike the latest in high-tech computing equipment. In any one of our numerous laboratories on campus, you’ll find students working side-by-side with principal investigators on cutting-edge discoveries that are relevant to our world right now—not years down the road.

Additional resources available on the sidebar include a listing of all CS courses and their descriptions, including the begging course sequence for incoming first-year students. There is a link to our SIGBITS page where you can read about our award-winning faculty and students and their accomplishments. A page about our AI4ALL program at WPI which is supported by the Melinda Gate’s Pivotal Ventures grant where students can take courses on the ethics of AI at no cost. A link explaining the difference between our two master’s degrees in computer science and a link to our Peer Mentor Program page. This program is designed to offer incoming first-year students the opportunity to have a mentor during their transition to becoming a CS student at WPI.