Amy Z. Zeng

Professor and Assistant Dean

Director, Industrial Engineering Program
Co-director, China Project Center

Foisie Business School

Office: Washburn Shops 308

Phone: 508-831-6117, 508-831-5218

Teaching is the most influential of all professions in the world – it touches minds of every sort and provides profound impacts on one’s life. I fully enjoy the academic life and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to guide and influence students at various age groups. I love to work with all kinds of students and see them grow and prosper under my guidance. I like WPI’s project-based educational model, which enriches not only learning but also teaching. I enjoy traditional teaching as well as the close interactions with students during project advising. ... View Profile

Sharon Johnson


Foisie Business School

Office: Washburn Shops 223

Phone: 508-831-5183, 508-831-5218

I enjoy teaching at WPI because students bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to their learning, and I am often inspired by their optimism. My teaching also reflects topics that motivate me:  detailed process design in our Industrial Engineering program, improving healthcare delivery as part of the Health Systems Innovation certificate, and exploring the implications of operational excellence in our MBA program. ... View Profile

Renata Konrad

Assistant Professor

Foisie Business School

Office: Washburn Shops 205

Phone: 508-831-5192

The application of Industrial Engineering and mathematical knowledge has always been a rewarding challenge for me. Over the past several years, I have focused my research in the healthcare industry, which is particularly exciting given the current debates on healthcare reform. Current projects include evaluating anti-human trafficking efforts, computationally characterizing episodes of care from health insurance claim records and examining the impact of physician incentives on patient outcomes. ... View Profile

Sara Saberi

Assistant Professor

Foisie Business School

Office: Washburn Shops 217

Phone: 508-831-6859

Since my first day of teaching, I believed that I loved being in the classroom. I enjoy my role as an instructor because it enables me to see directly the outcome of my effort. I like the fact that as someone in higher education, I have the opportunity to make a positive influence on a young person's life. I make every effort to not only deliver the material of the course, but to develop a mentoring relationship with each student to help them grow as individuals and strive for success. ... View Profile

Walter "Wally" T. Towner

Assistant Teaching Professor

Foisie Business School

Office: Washburn Shops 222

Phone: 508-831-6013, 508-831-5218

I am interested in manufacturing and industrial engineering. My main interests lie at the intersection of manufacturing processes and the financial aspect of the business that relates to these processes. I see my mission as enabling students to become leaders in a business environment and helping them extract value from the processes that drive the organization. We do this by using tools like axiomatic design and Lean Six Sigma methods. ... View Profile

Andrew C. Trapp

Associate Professor

Foisie Business School

Office: Washburn Shops 207

Phone: 508-831-4935

Teaching has many facets. Something I love about teaching is that it provides the opportunity to share what I've learned. I have a passion for learning, and I can model this passion to students by encouraging critical thinking in the classroom, connecting with students and drawing out their understanding. I believe it's important to demonstrate the relevancy of what I'm teaching, so I try to merge elements of both my research and real-world practice into the course content whenever I can, and I especially enjoy integrating technology when appropriate -- many students seem to enjoy technology. ... View Profile

Joe Zhu


Foisie Business School

Office: Washburn Shops 301

Phone: 508-831-5467

Joe Zhu is Professor of Operations Analytics in the Foisie Business School, Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is an internationally recognized expert in methods of performance evaluation and benchmarking using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), and his research interests are in the areas of operations and business analytics, productivity modeling, and performance evaluation and benchmarking. ... View Profile

Associated Faculty

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Nathaniel Drew Bastian ndbastian 4883 Fuller Laboratories, 243 Adjunct Instructor
Arthur Gerstenfeld ag 5471 50 Prescott, 1317 Professor Emeritus