John A. Orr

Prof/Dir of Sustainability

Co-Director, Liberal Arts & Engineering


Office: AK 214

Phone: 508-831-5273

John A. Orr is Director of Sustainability and Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He served as Provost of WPI from 2007 through 2010 and prior to this he held the positions of Dean of Undergraduate Studies and head of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Dr. Orr received the BS and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and the MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He began his career at Bell Laboratories and joined WPI in 1977. Dr. ... View Profile

Lance E. Schachterle


Co-Director, Liberal Arts & Engineering

Humanities & Arts

Office: SL 027

Phone: 508-831-5514, 508-831-5404

Lance Schachterle enjoys the excitement of the classroom--meeting new students each term, sharing ideas about works of literature that matter, and learning to communicate more effectively. He teaches courses at the 1000 and 2000 levels, mostly in modern literature, but also really likes interdisciplinary courses that involve science. WPI students work harder than most, and students pursuing their minor in literature often really get intellectually and emotionally involved in what they are studying. ... View Profile

Frederick W. Bianchi


Humanities & Arts

Office: AH 205A

Phone: 508-831-5053

Professor Frederick Bianchi works in the area of music technology. As the director of computer music research, Bianchi works with students from all disciplines. His particular focus is Virtual Orchestra technology and multichannel sound design. In addition to overseeing the Media Arts Group Innovation Center (MAGIC), Professor Bianchi is also the director of the Bar Harbor, Maine Project Center. View Profile

David DiBiasio

Associate Professor

Chemical Engineering

Office: Goddard Hall 122

Phone: 508-831-5250, 508-831-5372

My research involves educational scholarship: investigating how students learn chemical engineering and how the curriculum can be modified to optimize learning. That includes understanding learning in hands-on labs compared to virtual or remotely operated labs; learning in international contexts; and how safety, ethics, and social responsibility can be effectively integrated into the chemical engineering curriculum. WPI is a great place to conduct this type of work because of our project-based program, our extensive Global Projects Program, and our philosophy of student-centered learning. View Profile

James Kevin Doyle

Department Head & Assoc Prof

Department Head, SSPS

Social Science & Policy Studies

Office: Salisbury Laboratories 311

Phone: 508-831-5583

I am a social psychologist trained in the interdisciplinary field of judgment and decision making. I am particularly interested in how people develop an understanding of complex environmental and societal problems and how their "mental models" of complex systems can best be studied and improved to aid both personal and public decision making. I firmly believe that environmental and social problems can't be solved without understanding how they are represented in the mind and identifying what cognitive processes people bring to bear upon them. ... View Profile

Peter H. Hansen


Director of International and Global Studies

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 107

Phone: 508-831-5481

Peter H. Hansen is Professor of History and Director of International and Global Studies at WPI. In this role, his administrative responsibilities include enhancing the curricular and academic components of WPI’s global projects, exploring new partnerships, and advising students in global programs. International and Global Studies brings together faculty from history, foreign languages, humanities, social sciences, business, and interdisciplinary studies. Courses on campus enrich the experience of students before, during, and after their international educational experiences. ... View Profile

J. Scott Jiusto

Associate Professor

Director, Cape Town Project Centre

Interdisciplinary & Global Studies

Office: Project Center, 2nd Fl

Phone: 508-831-5393

My teaching, research, and community engagement is integrated through my participation in WPIs Global Projects Program, where I help students prepare for and conduct projects in places such as London, Venice, Puerto Rico, Denmark, Washington and Worcester. Through the WPI Cape Town Project Centre, especially, I see my work as an exercise in Shared Action Learning (SAL), which I describe to students and others is a way to think about and engage in partnerships for sustainable community development. ... View Profile

Robert Krueger

Associate Professor

Director, Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Co-Director, London Project Center
Director, Worcester Community Project Center

Social Science & Policy Studies

Office: SL 223C

Phone: 508-831-5110

Robert Krueger is the founding director of WPI's Environment and Sustainability Studies Program. He has been a Co-Principal Investigator on two U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants focused on environmental justice issues in Worcester. He serves as co-chair of the EPA’s Environmental Justice Working Group. He is also board president of the Regional Environmental Council. A broad, international audience recognizes Krueger’s scholarship on urban sustainability. He has published dozens of papers in prestigious internationally peer-reviewed journals. ... View Profile

Taskin Padir

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Phone: 508-831-6427

Kent J. Rissmiller

Dean of IGSD, ad interim

Dean ad interim, Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division
Director, Washington Project Center

Interdisciplinary & Global Studies

Office: Project Center

Phone: 508-831-5019

Kent Rissmiller completed studies in political science at Muhlenberg College (AB) and Syracuse University (PhD). Along the way, he also completed a JD at the University of New Hampshire Law School, where he worked in the Energy Law Institute. Professor Rissmiller also worked for three years as an attorney for the Public Service Commission of Nevada, where he was involved in setting rates and policies for electric and water utilities.At WPI, Professor Rissmiller teaches government, law, and public policy. He also directs the Pre-Law program and oversees the Law and Technology minor. ... View Profile

M. David Samson

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 014

Phone: 508-831-5246, 508-831-5385, 508-831-5370

Professor Samson teaches art history, and his scholarship is in the history of architecture, especially the modern period. He studies and explains the moments of transition when styles change, and the spread of avant-garde creations into general currency. He is also interested in the history of industrial design, and enjoys introducing his students to it, revealing the complex background of forms and ideas behind common household objects. His architectural history courses explore both the left- and right-brain aspects of built form. ... View Profile

Kenneth A. Stafford

Associate Teaching Professor

Undergraduate Studies

Office: Higgins Lab 011

Phone: 508-831-6122

Richard F. Vaz

Director, Center for PBL

Director, Center for Project-Based Learning
Director, Bangkok Project Center

Interdisciplinary & Global Studies

Office: Project Center, 2nd Fl

Phone: 508-831-5344

As Director of WPI’s Center for Project-Based Learning, I work with colleagues across campus to help advance project-based learning at colleges and universities around the nation and the globe. We also support project-based learning here on the WPI campus. Most of my scholarly and professional activity centers around experiential and international education. Through my involvement in organizations such as the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the American Society for Engineering Education, I work to promote WPI’s approach to undergraduate education as a national model. ... View Profile