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Students working in the computer lab in Fuller Laboratories

Computer Labs


The Mathematical Sciences Calculus Lab located in Stratton Hall 003 is used primarily for the lab based instruction in conjunction with the Math Department's Calculus program.  The lab is equipped with 25 Dell Optiplex Intel i7 computers.  A wide variety of academic software including Maple, Matlab, MikTeX, and SAS are available on each computer. The lab is available for general use outside of the times where classes are scheduled.  Check lab availability. If you would like to schedule an event in the lab please contact Rhonda Podell at or at 508-831-5241. 

Location: Stratton Hall
Phone: 508-831-5241
Fax: 508-831-5824

MATLAB Resources

LaTeX and Windows

To LaTeX under Windows you will need 5 pieces of software, all of which can obtained without cost:

Once you have installed all necessary applications, you will use the Tex editor to edit your LaTeX document, and then you will be able to build and output it to any combination of dvi, ps, and pdf files.

LaTeX and Macs

To LaTeX on a Mac, download and install MacTeX.

Web based LaTeX 

There are also web based, platform neutral, services that will allow you to LaTeX without installing LaTeX software on your local machine.
Examples of these are Overleaf and Papeeria. There may be a cost involved with these services.

Printing Information

The following are the current printers in the department:

Location Windows/Printers Name Unix/Linux/Mac Name Model Type
SH108 sh_math1 sh-math1 HP B&W Laserjet 601dn w/duplexer
SH108 sh_ma4 mathcolor09

HP Colorjet 4700dn w/duplexer

SH104D sh_ma1 mathprint3 HP B&W Laserjet 4014dn w/duplexer
SH204 sh_ma7 mathprint207 HP B&W Laserjet 4014dn w/duplexer
SL405 sl_math1 sl-math1 HP B&W Laserjet 601dn