Electrical & Computer Engineering Certificates

Value Proposition Description

Graduate Certificate

As one of two post-BS certificate programs, WPI’s graduate certificate in Electrical & Computer Engineering gives you the training and experience to increase your expertise for professional advancement or as your next step toward your master of science in the field.

Advanced Certificate

WPI’s Advanced Certificate Program in Electrical & Computer Engineering helps bridge the next step for students who hold a master of science. The program lets students choose an individualized set of courses to sharpen their expertise in a particular topic or focus area. This program is also appropriate for students who are considering moving on to a doctoral program.


The graduate certificate is composed of four courses that are determined by the student and the advisor. Courses will include topics like embedded core architecture and modeling. Our graduate certificate program is also available as an online option.

The Graduate Certificate Program is available to recipients of BS degrees in electrical and computer engineering. Satisfactory completion of a program of four courses is necessary with a minimum requirement of a 3.0 GPA. Our graduate certificate program is also available as an online option.

WPI’s Advanced Certificate Program (ACP) in Electrical & Computer Engineering is available to students who hold an MS degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering or in other fields. If the degree is not in Electrical & Computer Engineering, students should be prepared to complete course work before they apply that will bring them to the same level of preparation as a student with a bachelor’s degree in that field. Should you need additional course work in mathematics, computer engineering, signal processing, or electronics and communication, our available prep courses can help. Students must complete the five-course requirement for the graduate certificate program four years from the date of admission into the program. The courses are chosen by agreement between the student and advisor who will be assigned to you.

To receive the certificate, you must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher in the program.

The ACP provides an opportunity for those degree holders to select a custom-designed sequence of advanced courses in their master's discipline or a closely related field that will enhance their knowledge and skills in new and advanced topics.

See the Course Catalog for a comprehensive description of classes and see the current graduate course schedule for current offerings.



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