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Graduate Certificate in ECE

A graduate certificate in Electrical and Computer Engineering is customizable and can be created in your choice of 4 thematically-related courses, pending approval of a faculty member. A graduate certificate can be used as a stepping stone to a graduate degree. Students learn from and work closely with expert Electrical & Computer Engineering faculty members who are known for fueling breakthroughs that impact the world, from pioneering wireless network technologies to spurring advances in green power and cybersecurity.

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Graduate certificates in ECE are also available on-campus. Our on-campus electrical and computer engineering graduate certificates can help bridge the next steps to gain the training and expertise to advance your career in electrical and computer engineering.

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Admission Qualifications for ECE Online Graduate Certificate 


The ECE online certificate program is at the graduate level and is for those who have completed a BS degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or related fields. Applicants must have an understanding of digital systems and design of combinational and sequential circuits.

For specific application requirements, visit our admissions for online programs page.

If you do not have a bachelor's degree, please view our list of undergraduate programs.




Topics for ECE Graduate Certificates

Topic Courses
  • ECE 514. Fundamentals of RF and MW Engineering
  • ECE 5204. Analog Circuits and Intuitive Design
  • ECE 523. Power Electronics
  • ECE 524. Advanced Analog Integrated Circuit Design
  • ECE 506. Introduction to Local and Wide Area Networks
  • ECE 537. Advanced Computer and Communications Networks
  • ECE 502. Analysis of Probabilistic Signals and Systems
  • ECE 503. Digital Signal Processing
  • ECE 504. Analysis of Deterministic Signals and Systems
  • ECE 531. Principles of Detection and Estimation Theory (offered every other year)
  • ECE 5312. Modern Digital Communications
  • ECE 5105. Introduction to Antenna Design 
POWER SYSTEMS Select this link for a complete description of WPI's Power Systems Program


Degree Completion for ECE Online Graduate Certificate

Students must complete the requirements for the online ECE graduate certificate program two years from the date of admission into the program.

WPI also offers an ECE Master's online program. Courses taken for the graduate certificate program can be applied to the master's program if a student chooses to continue. 

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Earn Your BS in ECE First

Need to obtain a bachelor of science in electrical and computer engineering as you think ahead toward earning your masters? Our BS in ECE enables students take part in the latest cutting-edge developments in topics like power systems, signal processing, and more. Our BS in ECE challenges students to explore what intrigues them in a close-knit community of like-minded junior engineers.

Are you pursuing a BS degree and have an interest in electrical and computer engineering? Consider WPI’s minor in ECE for students interested in broadening their exposure of the diverse and technology-focused field. Learn the basics in subjects ranging from electronic circuits and electromagnetic fields to signal analysis and more.

Earn Your ECE Master’s Online

Prefer to earn your master’s in electrical and computer engineering online rather than on-campus? Our ECE master’s online program provides students the flexibility to learn on their own time while still being challenged with the same rigorous computer and electrical engineering education.

Earn a Master’s in ECE On-Campus 

Would you rather pursue your master’s in ECE on-campus? Check out our master’s in electrical engineering which enables students to interact directly with professors on our beautiful campus. Our on-campus ECE MS offers the same rigorous courses with the added value of in-person interaction.

Explore WPI’s Master of Engineering in ECE

Maybe you’re interested in gaining a master of engineering in ECE instead of a master of science? Explore our MEng master’s in ECE which combines business, computer science, engineering, and mathematics to prepare students to become experts in the ECE field. This program is available on-campus or online.