The PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) program at WPI inspires graduate students to deeply explore, investigate, and uncover groundbreaking research in the field.

You’ll work alongside our dedicated faculty researchers and industry and government partners to explore compelling issues and solve critical problems: to produce more efficient and reliable wireless networks, to develop new data security and cryptography techniques, to improve medical diagnostic equipment and wearable sensors, to develop embedded systems, to control robots, or to develop smart cities and renewable energy.



Candidates in the Electrical & Computer Engineering PhD program work alongside faculty who challenge you to strengthen your knowledge through advanced course work, original research in our extensive and well-funded innovative labs, special graduate seminars, and supplementary courses in areas such as mathematics, computer science, and physics.

The program also requires two minors, seminar attendance, a diagnostic exam, an area exam, and preparation and defense of a dissertation.


Getting Involved

Getting Involved

You may get involved in the events, meetings, and networking opportunities offered to our diverse grad student population. You’ll also find campus chapters of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Students walking around the fountain in the springtime

After Graduation