Minor in Financial Technology (Fintech)

What is fintech? WPI’s new minor in financial technology gives you the information you need to prepare for a career path in FinTech. Undergraduates who want to expand their knowledge of the fintech industry will find the 6-course FinTech minor offers information to complement their technical degrees. You’ll learn how the business issues around changing technology and the financial world intersect.

Value Proposition Description

This is an excellent minor if you’re interested in real-world financial technology project work at WPI’s Wall Street/FinTech Collaborative Project Center.


The financial tech minor consists of six courses.

Fintech minor requirements include:

  • three courses in accounting and finance
  • one course in database technology
  • one FinTech-related elective course
  • one capstone course

Application Process for the Financial Technology Minor

To declare a   Financial Technology minor, please see Add a Program of Study in Workday. 
The minor completion information can be found in Workday under your Academic Progress Report (APR).  Please review the minor APR before October 1st of senior year to be sure all minor courses are listed correctly. 

For more information, contact Laurie Stokes, 508-831-4887, lmstokes@wpi.edu

Earn a Financial Technology Certificate

Are you a graduate student or working professional interested in learning more about the world of finance?  Check out WPI’s certificate in financial technology which explores analytical and management tools for leadership decisions. A fintech certificate program is the first step toward gaining the necessary business foundation that can elevate your career in helping develop impactful financial solutions.

Explore What Majors Complement a FinTech Minor

Wondering what major pairs well with a FinTech minor? WPI’s bachelor’s degree in computer science is a great major to add a financial focus. Maybe you’re interested in pursuing mathematical sciences with a minor in finance?


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Earn Your Mathematical Sciences Degree with Expertise from a FinTech minor

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What can you do with a Minor in Fintech?

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, a minor in fintech can help provide a strong foundation. Our STEM-focused finance minor provides students a real-world intersect between financial tech and business needs.