A degree in data science has been in high demand for years, and WPI has taken its pioneering, well-established graduate program and adapted it for undergraduate students. The new undergraduate degree in data science will prepare students for this in-demand job (the top career field in the country, according to Glassdoor) and provide them with the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to thrive.

Value Proposition Description

WPI is renowned for its hands-on project work experience for students, and this program is no different. Through experiential learning and courses focused on a wide range of disciplines, students pursuing a major in data science will master foundational topics, including state-of-the-art data analytic technologies like machine and deep learning, artificial intelligence, and big data. They will learn to effectively gather huge amounts of data, draw new insights from it, and formulate appropriate action plans. There is a great demand for data scientists in just about any industry, and WPI graduates will be prepared to tackle the most critical data challenges in this information age.

The degree in data science is interdisciplinary, meaning that in addition to core classes in analysis techniques, computing, mathematical sciences, and business, students take classes in advanced topics such as visual analytics, machine learning, statistics, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and big data management.

Interested in a specific application of data science? You have the freedom and flexibility to do a deep dive and focus more of your coursework and projects on particular applications—from social media to Internet of things data problems—customizing your education where you can discover and follow your passion.


Project-based Learning

There’s a global demand for data scientists. Through WPI’s focus on project-based learning, you will gain the experience and tools essential to developing transformative data-driven solutions to important real-world problems. You’ll immerse yourself in the field of data science through team-based projects, giving you the opportunity to use your newly developed skills in ways that will prove invaluable not only to the team, but to the collaborating organizations with whom you work. This experience will prepare you for your future career.

More Value

WPI’s BS in Data Science has much to offer. Whether it’s hands-on work experience through a co-op or internship, earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in four to five years through the combined BS/MS program, or integrating your coursework with your extracurricular interests through the university's Major and a Mission initiative, there are countless ways you can get the most out of your education at WPI.

What Does a Career in Data Science Look Like?

Earning a bachelor’s in data science from WPI puts you at the forefront of forming deep connections, landing the position of your dreams, and excelling in a thriving location. Explore our long history of industry partnerships—a cornerstone of our data science program—and see how you can build a successful career in this in-demand data science field.

Found Your Major? Consider a Minor in Data Science.

Are you already focusing on a major in a different area or uncertain about whether a degree in data science fits your career aspirations? Rather than pursuing a major in data science, consider a minor, which will provide you with a strong foundation in the field. You’ll focus on courses in modeling and data analysis, computational data intelligence, and an introduction to data science. If you have questions about minoring in data science, reach out to datascience@wpi.edu.

Take the Next Step with a Certificate in Data Science

Whether you’ve already earned a BS in data science and want to continue your education, or are interested in gaining a career advantage, earning a certificate in data science can help get you there. Our data science graduate certificate is a 12-credit program where you’ll learn how to analyze and interpret data in real-world applications. The credits you earn from the grad certificate can also be used toward an MS degree. If you prefer the convenience of online courses, consider our online graduate certificate option. Whether earned online or in person, a certificate will provide the cutting-edge education needed to excel in the data science field.

Continue Your Data Science Education

You’ve already earned a BS degree in data science, so what’s next? If you’re interested in building up your experiences and qualifications in this in-demand field, WPI’s got you covered. We offer an MS in data science—only a handful of universities to do so—that’s available on campus and online to best suit your schedule. Our PhD program is the next step, giving you the chance to work alongside faculty and industry partners to analyze, capture, search, share, store, transfer, query, and visualize huge amounts of data to solve real-world challenges.