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WPI has taken its pioneering and well-established graduate program in Data Science and now offers this in-demand degree to our undergraduate students. Data Science is the top job in America according to Glassdoor and it has held that position for numerous years. The new undergraduate degree in Data Science will give more students access to the knowledge and skills required to be successful in this rapidly growing field.

WPI is renowned for its hands-on project work experience for students and this program is no different. Through courses and hands-on project work focused on a wide range of disciplines, students in the BS in Data Science program will master foundational topics, including state-of-the-art data analytic technologies like machine/deep learning, artificial intelligence, and big data. They will learn to effectively gather huge amounts of data, draw new insights from it, and formulate appropriate action plans. There is a great demand for data scientists in just about any industry, and our graduates of the BS in Data Science program will be prepared to tackle the most critical data challenges in this information age.

NOTE: While the courses for the program will be available during the 2019-20 academic year, the BS degree will formally be awarded beginning in 2020-21.

Students in a computer lab.


The BS in Data Science program is interdisciplinary; meaning that in addition to core classes in analysis techniques, computing, mathematical sciences, and business, students take classes in advanced topics such as visual analytics, machine learning, statistics, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and big data management.

Interested in a specific application of data science? You have the freedom and flexibility to do a deep dive and focus more of your coursework and projects on particular applications—from social media to Internet of things data problems—customizing your education where you can discover and follow your passion.

Students working together in a computer lab.

Project-based Learning

There’s a global demand for data scientists. Through WPI’s focus on project-based learning, you will gain the experience and tools essential to developing transformative data-driven solutions to important real-world problems. You’ll immerse yourself in the field of data science through team-based projects, giving you the opportunity to use your newly developed skills in ways that will prove invaluable not only to the team, but to the collaborating organizations with whom you work. This experience will prepare you for your future career.

More Value

WPI’s BS in Data Science has much to offer. Whether it’s hands-on work experience through a co-op or internship, earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in four to five years through the combined BS/MS program, or integrating your coursework with your extracurricular interests through the university's Major and a Mission initiative, there are countless ways you can get the most out of your education at WPI.