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The WPI Alumni Association represents the global network of WPI graduates, now more than 37,000 strong. Every undergraduate and graduate student who earns a degree from WPI automatically becomes a member of the Alumni Association and can reap the benefits of being a part of this vast network of smart, interesting individuals. An all-volunteer Executive Cabinet and Board of Directors leads the Association, which meets regularly throughout the year to set goals and plan initiatives and programs that support the mission of the Association, the needs of the alumni it represents, as well as WPI’s mission.

Active alumni are encouraged to reach out for information on volunteer opportunities or additional questions. Please contact the WPI Alumni Association at or 508-831-5600.

Our Mission and Work

The missions of the WPI Alumni Association are to:

  1. Be a voice and effective advocate for the alumni body within the WPI community, maintaining an alumni perspective, and
  2. Connect, engage and involve alumni with WPI and one another in support of WPI's mission and goals.

Founded more than 100 years ago by a small group of alumni to promote general interest in education and strengthen ties with the university and each other, the WPI Alumni Association continues this work today while also developing new ways to serve alumni and students. The Association seeks ways to perpetuate WPI’s cherished traditions and inspire pride in the WPI community by promoting our most accomplished and generous alumni through our Alumni Awards program.

The Alumni Association also provides opportunities for our alumni to participate in community service projects, to join other graduates in alumni activities across the globe, and to raise scholarship funds for students. The Association awards over $90,000 in scholarships annually.

Alumni Association By-Laws Revision Proposal - Vote to be taken on June 11, 2020

Dear WPI Alumni,

The By-laws Committee of the WPI Alumni Association has been meeting over the past six months to do a review of the organization’s by-laws. Although there had been one amendment in 2012 to give more flexibility in the timing of the annual meeting, a complete review had not occurred in many years.   I would like to thank the committee members who worked hard on this - even giving up a Saturday to meet face to face: Paula Delaney ’75,  President-elect, Katherine Byorkman Gauthier ‘12, Jayne Scott ’78, MS’80, ME’93 , P’15, P’17, Rachel Delisle ’96, MBA’06, past President, David Wheeler ’93, MS’04, immediate past President, Peter Thomas, Secretary and Jenn Daigle, Operations Associate,  Office of Lifetime Engagement. I also want to thank the WPI Alumni Board for their support and thorough vetting of the recommendations.

The updated by-law recommendations were done to bring the by-laws into alignment with current practices. They fall into three categories: language changes (including spelling and punctuation), use of the word “may” instead of “shall” in regards to an Alumni Council which has not been in effect for over 20 years, and a change in the committee known as the “Funds Board” to reflect the new committee providing guidance to both fund raising and engagement – The Trustee sub-committee on Lifetime Engagement.

I have provided a red-line version (/sites/default/files/inline-image/Offices/Alumni/Redlined Const and Bylaws-Amended 04.20.2020.doc) that has been approved by the WPI Alumni Association Board of Directors and will be brought to a vote at the Annual Meeting on June 11, 2020.

Thank you,

Pamela Lynch ’05 Chair, By-Laws Committee