June 2017

Dear WPI friends,

The campus has been buzzing with activity over the last month. Thank you to everyone who came to campus to attend our events. We were graced with perfect weather for the two days of graduation exercises.  In her final commencement, Rachel Delisle ’96 welcomed in the newest WPI alumni at both the graduate and undergraduate ceremonies.  

As we transition leadership in the Alumni Association, we can all appreciate how Rachel has strengthened the Alumni Association in her term.  She has built a great legacy with The Women of WPI and her involvement in the Women’s Impact Network.  We all thank Rachel for her service to WPI and to the WPIAA.  

It was great to see so many back on campus for Alumni Weekend! I enjoyed catching up with my former classmates and appreciated meeting so many new faces. The Alumni Association honored 13 outstanding alumni who have made extraordinary contributions to WPI and/or their professions. I congratulate all of our award recipients.

After Alumni Weekend, the campus buzzed with future engineers at TouchTomorrow.  The day keeps getting bigger, with more to do on campus and in Gateway Park.  Camp season will begin shortly and introduce still more potential STEM students to the joys of campus and the pursuit of science.

Save the date for some upcoming events you won’t want to miss! Homecoming will be held on September 9 and the inaugural induction ceremony for the WPI Hall of Luminaries is November 1. I hope to see you there!

My best,
Dave Wheeler '93, '04