May 29, 2013

Book coverOn Monday, June 10, 12-1:30pm, The Morgan Teaching and Learning Center will host a viewing of Two Million Minutes: A Global Examination, in Olin 107.  “This groundbreaking, controversial documentary film takes an in-depth look at how students in the United States allocate their high school years (approximately four years or two million minutes) compared with India and China. The film forms a picture of the various levels of global education and addresses the implications of these differences on the 21st century global economy.”

The 54-minute film will be followed by discussion facilitated by Senior Vice President Kristin Tichenor. All community members are welcome to attend. If you plan to attend, please register at the Morgan Center Regi site. Box lunches will be provided for the first 50 people who register by June 4. Others are welcome to bring their own lunch.

For more information about the film: