Pre-Collegiate Outreach

Celebrating 40 years of cultivating the next generation of scientists!


What began as a standalone program run through admissions has grown over the past four decades into a fully immersive pre-college summer program for rising 11th- and 12th-grade students who want to explore STEM through a collegiate lens. These students will explore not only the outer limits of their knowledge in STEM but also unsolved global issues, business entrepreneurship, ethics of artificial intelligence, and so much more. Moreover, this experience provides a glimpse of the collegiate experience and empowers the next generation of scientists with the knowledge, skills, and confidence for them to succeed wherever their STEM journey takes them!

Back in person for the first time in two years the Pre-Collegiate Outreach Programs office is happy to offer a whole host of STEM enrichment programs this summer. 

Frontiers - Frontiers for Credit - Launch - Girls Talk Math - Les Paul Music Technology

(Frontiers, Frontiers for Credit, & Launch deadline is 6/10/22)

We hope to see your child this summer!



Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

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Office of Pre-Collegiate Outreach Programs 

Summer Programs - back and in-person.