The Global School Event Series 2021-2022: Middle East and North Africa Futures, November 16


The Global School

The Global School Event Series 2021-2022 is a public forum highlighting the significant role of The Global School at WPI in addressing global grand challenges. From climate adaptation to new technologies for development, from re-thinking water and energy systems to poetry and place-making, our student projects, faculty research, and community collaborations bring the innovative WPI ethos around the world.

The Middle East and North Africa event will bring together leaders from academia, industry and government to consider multiple social, cultural and environmental challenges the region currently faces, including gender equity, climate change, renewable energy, sustainability and building smart cities. Keynote speaker Mina Lalaoui Kamal, an environmental and sustainability expert, will contextualize these issues from her perspective working with women across rural Morocco. Then, bringing WPI faculty, students and alumni in conversation with industry and area experts, we will situate these pressing realities within our current moment. Finally, we will explore how WPI can productively employ our material and intellectual resources and innovative project-based curriculum to impact much-needed change through, for example, our research focus on water safety and quality, fog water harvesting and solar home construction, through the work our students complete through our Morocco HUA Project Center, Israel and Morocco IQP Project Centers and UAE MQP Project Center, and through curricular initiatives such as our Middle East and North Africa course sequence, Arabic language course sequence and Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies curricular and co-curricular program. View the agenda and register here.