Spring 2021 Recipients of the Dr. Glenn Yee Graduate Student Tuition Award


Robotics Engineering

The Robotics Engineering Department is proud to announce the inaugural recipients of the Dr. Glenn Yee Graduate Student Tuition Award for the Spring 2021 semester. The Award provides support to outstanding graduate students in robotics engineering and is awarded each Fall and Spring semester over the next 5 years. 

  • Alex Chiluisa: 3 Tuition credits
  • Abhishek Kukarni: 3 Tuition credits
  • Jesse d'Almeida: 2 Tuition credits
  • Yang Wang: 2 Tuition credit  

The Robotics Engineering Department would like to thank Dr. Glenn Yee for his generous support towards our graduate students and our program. 

Please visit the Robotics Engineering Graduate Student Award to find out more about the different awards offered by the WPI Robotics Engineering Department.