Students Inducted into WPI Chapters of Business School Honor Societies


The Business School

The WPI Business School is proud to announce its student inductees into the honor societies Beta Gamma Sigma and Alpha Pi Mu.  

Membership for these societies is based on cumulative GPA for both undergraduate and graduate students. The WPI chapters have more selective criteria for acceptance than the societies’ own requirements, with only the top 20% of business students eligible for membership. “The quality of the WPI student body is exceptionally strong," says Executive Director of The Business School, Norm Wilkinson. "To gain admission to WPI is, in itself, a notable achievement. To then rise to the top of our student population in terms of GPA is something to be celebrated."

WPI’s Business School curriculum strongly focuses on the project-based approach to learning, utilizing STEM within the realm of business practices. Students work to solve complex problems using technology and teamwork to enhance entrepreneurial thinking.

Beta Gamma Sigma is the International Business Honor Society, with membership spanning 190 countries. This society recognizes top performing students from only 5% of all business schools that have been accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). AACSB-accredited schools are known to have the highest standards of academic excellence. All business students eligible for membership in BGS demonstrate not only top academic achievement, but also leadership and professional excellence.  

Alpha Pi Mu is an American Honor Society with chapters all over the United States. This society inducts students from business schools who are majoring in Industrial Engineering at the undergraduate level and studying areas specific to operations management and analytics at the graduate level (MS and PhD). Induction into this society requires these students to show exceptional academic interest, leadership, participation, and achievement in their field of study. Inductees also exhibit going above and beyond the basic requirements of their major.  


The following undergraduate students were inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma: 

Berkan Delareyna ‘21 

Grace Gately ‘22 

Natalie Mohn ‘22 

Marissa Thomas ‘22 

Nicole Whipkey ‘22 


The following graduate students were inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma: 

Moh'D Al-Talib (MS) 

Jacob Borges (MS) 

Darla Cloutier (MBA) 

Julia Davenport (MS) 

Thomas DellCroce (MS) 

Brandon Fox (MS) 

Lauren Francis (MS) 

Abigail Gilbert (MS) 

Robert Hollister (MBA) 

Rachel Komara (MBA) 

Kayla Legatt (MS) 

Rachael Mair (MS) 

Erin McDonough (MBA) 

Nitin Ashok Naik (MBA) 

Paige Neumann (MS) 

Colleen O'Malley (MS) 

Suzanne Opalka (MS) 

Gaayathri Sankar (MS) 

Stephanie Silvestris (MS) 

Lakshmi Suresh (MS) 

Muhammad Tahir (MS) 

Chang Tang (MS) 

An Thi Phuc Tran (MS) 

Andrew Whalen (MBA) 

Jiacheng Ye (MS) 

Sydney Yeaw (MS) 

Yuning Zhang (MS) 

Shari Worthington (PhD) 

Qian Zhang (PhD) 


The following undergraduate students were inducted into Alpha Pi Mu: 

Thomas DellaCroce ‘21 

Bailey Berg ‘21 

Sebastian Royo ‘21 

Johanna Whitwell ‘21 

Lindsey Fletcher ‘22 

Grace Gately ‘22 

Nicole Whipkey ‘22 

Marissa Thomas ‘22 


The following graduate students were inducted into Alpha Pi Mu: 

Moh'd Al-Talib (MS) 

Kayla Legatt (MS) 

Chang Tang (MS) 

Jiacheng Ye (MS) 

Yuning Zhang (MS) 

Qian Zhang (PhD)