The trial has ended, but the work continues


Office of the President

This message was sent to the WPI community.

George Floyd. His name will forever be associated with making undeniable the injustice and inequities experienced by people of color across generations. 

George Floyd. His name will also, thankfully, be associated with bending the moral arc of the universe a little more toward justice. 


This trial has ended, but the work continues. I am relieved, and supportive of the guilty verdict—but as so many have shared, this is not a time to celebrate. Instead, it is a time to reflect, to continue to learn, to recognize that racism exists, to continue our work of seeking out and tearing down oppressive systems. It is a time to restate our commitment to be an inclusive and just community, and to redouble our efforts to live these values within our campus and beyond. 

The trial has ended, but the work continues. I ask that each of us continues to work courageously to move WPI forward on our journey to be a community that rejects bias, prejudice, discrimination, and racism in all its forms. And while we continue this fight, I ask that we do so with hope. Accountability happened. Change is possible. The work ahead is worthy, and the fight is winnable. 

In closing, I remind you that there are growing justice, diversity, equity and inclusion resources on our campus, and resources for support. Students can connect with the Student Development & Counseling Center (SDCC), the Office of International Student Life , and/or the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Acts of bias, harassment, discrimination, or hate can be reported through our new Bias Response System . For faculty and staff, I urge you to get involved with the Sustainable Inclusive Excellence work being initiated in every organization across the campus. Speak to your Division or Department Head to get involved, or contact the WPI DEI Team

Stay safe and be well,