Workday: Hands-on Training Begins Now!


Enterprise Transformation

We scheduled hands-on training sessions through the middle of August. We will continue adding hands-on sessions throughout the Fall.  

To start, we will use a "sandbox" version of Workday called Alma Mater University until WPI's data is ready for us to use. This version of Workday won't look exactly like what you will see on October 1, but the processes will be very similar, so if you've been wanting hands-on time with Workday, it's here!

Training sessions are listed on the website. Sessions have links to register, which is required because lab space is limited. 

Wondering where to start? 

See the table at the top of the Training & News page that describes current processes and process in Workday. For example...

  • If you're a faculty member (we have sessions especially for faculty!), you'll submit your own expense reports in Workday (everyone will), so we will cover that. If you manage staff or student workers, we'll show you how to approve timesheets, absence requests, and expense reports.
  • If you're an hourly staff person, grad students, student workers), we'll show you how to submit a timesheet. If you're a staff person, we'll show you how to request time off (absence).
  • If you're a manager, we'll show you how the people who report to you will enter time and absence requests, and how you can easily approve them.
  • If you're involved in purchasing, we'll show you what is replacing STARS.
  • If you have a Pcard, we'll show you how to reconcile transactions.

If you have any questions on what you should learn to do, just ask!

Other session topics will be coming, for example, budget viewing, hiring, and reporting.


See for FAQs, the training calendar, and documentation on Enterprise Transformation projects, including Workday. 

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Contact us at with your questions, comments, and concerns; we would love to hear from you. We would also be happy to visit your department, just drop us a line.