Workday: Expense Report Advice


Enterprise Transformation

We are moving to Workday, but expense report policies have not changed. You can review policies on the Controller’s website: 

To process your expense report quickly, please observe the following requirements: 

  • Keep receipts (electronic or paper) until your expense report has been paid. Requests may be made for receipts when incorrect receipts are attached, questionable purchases are identified, or excessive amounts are shown. It's a best practice to always include receipts. 

  • Lodging and car rentals – Itemized hotel statement for stay or final car rental receipt must be used to support all charges – not online reservation confirmation (e.g., Expedia).   

  • Airlines – Airline itinerary should be used to show full flight information including departure and arrival dates. 

  • Meals – Use separate lines for each meal whenever possible. Per diem is not allowed – meals need to be listed by date and amount as purchased. All attendee names should be included on the expense report for meals. In Workday, you can add WPI attendees by searching, otherwise, add names of external attendees in the expense item’s memo field. 

  • Mileage over 50 miles requires an attached screenshot or PDF from Google Maps. 

  • All foreign currency must be submitted in USD.  Currency converter must be used to obtain correct rate. A PDF must be attached to support all conversion amounts submitted. Suggested Online Tool (Oanda): 

  • Spouse Travel: Only include charges specific to employee (self); detailed receipts for meals should indicate portion for employee.


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