Policies & Procedures


WPI requires adherence to these policies and procedures to assure all financial transactions support the mission of the university (education and research).  These policies and procedures apply to all funding sources including restricted gifts and grants as well as general operating, overhead return, professional development, and faculty start-up funds.

Please note: All phone extensions start with 508-831-.

Policy Purpose Contact
Accounts Payable    
Spend Authorization FAQs (PDF) Frequently Asked Questions about Spend Authorizations. Yvonne Harris,
Ext. 5755
Business expense policy (PDF) Guidelines for reasonable business expenses and how to process payment. Pat Barrows,
Ext. 5848
Discretionary Fund Policy (PDF) Guidelines for allowable uses of discretionary funds. Kris Sullivan,
Ext. 4862
Professional Services Policy (PDF) Guidelines for contracting services performed by external individuals and organizations (i.e., consultants). Pat Barrows,
Ext. 5848
Travel policy (PDF) Guidelines for allowed business travel expenses. Pat Barrows,
Ext. 5848
PDA Comp Matrix (PDF) Guidelines for transfers to Faculty restricted funds Pat Barrows,
Ext. 5848
Post Issuance Bond Compliance (PDF) Guide to facilitate compliance with federal tax rules related to tax-exempt debt issuances Lauren Martunas,      Ext. 4837
PCard Program    
Guide for Using Works (PDF) Information on How to Use Works pcardadmin@wpi.edu
WPI Procurement Card
(PCard) Guide (PDF)
Information about the WPI PCard program and cardholder responsibilities. pcardadmin@wpi.edu