April 02, 2014

A select group of chemistry teachers, university professors, and government officials from China are visiting the campus today.

Mass Academy is hosting the dozen visitors, whose outing to the Academy and WPI was organized by Vernier Software & Technology, a company that provides educational tools (www.vernier.com).

The guests, who will be attending the National Science Teachers Conference in Boston, were interested in attending a STEM high school while in the area. “They were particularly interested in project-based learning and research, so they chose Mass Academy because of our relationship with WPI, as well as our professional development programs,” explains Michael Barney, Mass Academy director. “One of our professional development teachers has done presentations on the use of technology in the physics classroom using Vernier probes.  It is through that network that this collaboration happened.”

The group hopes to observe a few classes and visit lab space. According to those who helped organize the trip, visiting an American university such as WPI is always a highlight for groups such as these.