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Can We Talk? Series

December 11, 2015

Conversation on Race and Diversity will continue on Monday at Higgins House

A few weeks ago, President Leshin remarked that “we must constantly strive to create a community where everyone feels welcomed, wanted, valued, safe and empowered.” To that end, a Conversation on Race was held on the evening of Nov. 19, where nearly 200 members of our community gathered for a rich discussion on the issues of race and racism, diversity and inclusion on campus.

Bonnie Walker, director
of multicultural affairs,
says that the conversation
of diversity and inclusion
is pertinent to innovative


Bonnie Walker, director of multicultural affairs, said that it is important that the WPI community continue that dialogue – as well as its efforts – in order to create a more welcoming and empowering campus environment.

All are invited to a follow-up discussion from noon to 1:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 14, in the Higgins House Great Hall. Lunch will be served. The purpose of this discussion will be to continue sharing and listening to one another, and Walker will elaborate on the important strategic diversity and inclusion initiatives of the University that are in progress and planned forward.

“I’m pleased by the ongoing engagement of our community in these important conversations,” Walker says. “The conversation of diversity and inclusion is pertinent to innovative education, being globally competitive, and culturally sensitive to all people, from all backgrounds.  Dialogue bridges understanding and drives change.”

Following the luncheon conversation, this critical discussion will be continued in January through the next installation of our Can We Talk? Series.