Green Break

Go Green at WPI
December 19, 2013

A message from Fred DiMauro, Assistant VP for Facilities, on green initiatives over the winter break:

The WPI Task Force on Sustainability and our Facilities Department have been working hard to make WPI a more sustainable and energy efficient campus. As B-term comes to a close, many of you will be leaving campus for a much needed break. Let’s give our energy consumption a break, too!  Please consider the following actions as you leave your offices and workplaces:

  • Heat – turn your heat down to 60 degrees, if you have access to your thermostat.
  • Lights – turn them off in your spaces, and turn them off in adjacent classrooms, meeting rooms, and rest rooms.
  • Electronics – turn off and unplug your computers, power strip, copiers, etc.
  • Windows – close windows and lock them to minimize draft.

Across campus, from Saturday December 20 through Tuesday January 2, we will be reducing temperatures in classrooms and lecture halls that are not scheduled for occupancy in the 25 Live system.

Also from Saturday December 20 through Tuesday January 2, while the majority of the offices and departments are closed, we will reduce temperatures in specific areas most buildings that have BMS (building management system) controls; in older buildings with more limited controls, we will reduce building temperatures as best as possible. If you plan to be on campus during this time period, please contact our Customer Service Center at extension 5500 and provide them details of where and when you expect to be working.  We will make appropriate arrangements for increased temperatures accordingly.

As some of you know, WPI has embarked on developing a long range sustainability plan for the institution as a community-wide effort with student, faculty and staff participation.  One of the first steps to take toward environmental preservation is to be thoughtful about our energy use and our ability to reduce unnecessary consumption. Our systems can do some of the work, but we need you to help make a difference, too.