Kenny Ching

Interactive Media and Game Design
PhD in Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BS in Biomedical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University
Expert Bio

Professor Ching's research is focused on organization behavior, people analytics and topics related to entrepreneurship. He has been looking at workplace interactions in the metaverse, and understanding conditions that could help teams maintain interaction and familiarity, as the crucial moments of “water cooler talk” are replaced with remote work. Professor Ching also has expertise in the digital economy, including Internet video, sports analytics, and electronic gaming, as well business and entrepreneurship issues, especially in relation to Asia.

Facebook Suffers a Big Setback

TheStreet spoke to Business School Assistant Professor Kenny Ching about the Security and Exchange Commission ruling that Meta (the company formerly known as Facebook) must give investors the opportunity to vote on the company’s move to focus on the metaverse. Prof. Ching said the case “will be a test for how society will eventually come to accept - or reject – the metaverse.”

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