Experts on materials engineering

All of the things around us—from the products we purchase to the structures where we live and work—are made up of materials, both natural and manmade. Materials engineering focuses on ways to improve materials, create new materials, and process materials for optimum performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. WPI’s experts in materials engineering work in a broad range of areas, including the development and processing of materials for additive manufacturing, the fabrication of nanomaterials for cancer detection, and the study of methods for making metals more resistant to corrosion. Many of WPI’s experts on are also experts on materials science.

Danielle Lynn Cote
  • Associate Professor Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Professor Cote is in the Materials Science & Engineering Program with research focused on solid state additive manufacturing (AM) processes, particularly cold spray processing and wire arc AM. ... View Profile
Brajendra Mishra
  • Kenneth G. Merriam Distinguished Professor, Director, MPI & Donald M. Zwiep Distinguished Fellow Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Professor Mishra focuses on the improvement in resource productivity and environmental stewardship through process and product development of materials using recovery and recycling, introducing advanced alloys and life-extension by corrosion and surface ... View Profile
Lee Moradi
  • Professor of Practice Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Lee Moradi is an expert on autonomous vehicles. ... View Profile
Sneha Prabha Narra
  • Sponsored Guest Mechanical & Materials Engineering
As a researcher in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM), Professor Narra explores novel applications in metal AM by utilizing multidisciplinary knowledge from mechanical engineering, materials science, and manufacturing. ... View Profile
Adam Clayton Powell
  • Associate Professor Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Professor Powell focuses his research on validated mathematical modeling of metal process development for clean energy and energy efficiency. ... View Profile