Experts on STEM education

Education, at all levels, in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is critical to the nation’s competitiveness and well-being and to preparing leaders and problem-solvers who can help tackled the world’s greatest challenges. As a STEM university and a pioneer in project-based education and global project work, WPI has many experts on STEM education; their interests include teaching STEM subjects, making STEM education more inclusive, the science of learning and educational technology, and making STEM education more relevant through real-world project work.

Kristin Boudreau
  • Humanities & Arts
Professor Boudreau's research in literature, culture, and education is unified by broad concerns for justice, inclusion, and social progress. ... View Profile
Robert E. Dempski
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry
Professor Dempski's lab focuses on biomedically relevant proteins at the cell's surface. Dysfunction of these proteins results in diseases such as pancreatic cancer and Alzheimer's. ... View Profile
Arne Gericke
  • Undergraduate Studies
Professor Gericke is a biophysical chemist studying lipid mediated protein functions using calorimetric, spectroscopic, and advanced microscopic techniques. An area of particular interest is phosphoinositide mediated signaling. ... View Profile
Erin R Ottmar
  • Social Science & Policy Studies
Professor Ottmar aims to develop and evaluate classroom interventions that improve mathematics teaching and learning. Her research focuses on the intersections of educational, cognitive, and developmental psychology. ... View Profile
Picture of Paul Reilly
Paul Reilly
  • Academic Advising
Paul Reilly (he/him/his) is WPI’s Assistant Dean of Student Success in the Office of Academic Advising. He leads efforts to advise students on the academic opportunities available to them. ... View Profile
Gillian Smith
  • Computer Science
Professor Smith is an award-winning game designer. ... View Profile
Erin Solovey
  • Computer Science
Much of Professor Solovey's work explores effective human interaction with complex and autonomous systems and vehicles. ... View Profile
Elisabeth Anne Stoddard
  • The Global School
Professor Stoddard is a human-environment geographer who is interested in the intersection of nature, society, and social justice. ... View Profile
Kristin Wobbe
Kristin K. Wobbe
  • Center for Project Based Learning
As director of WPI’s Center for Project-Based Learning (PBL), Dr. ... View Profile