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Experts on project-based learning

A project-based curriculum is built around project work, where students—guided, rather than directed, by faculty—gain responsibility for their own learning by tackling tangible, open-ended problems faced by real people. Since 1970, project-based learning has been the core of WPI’s undergraduate curriculum, featuring integrative project work across four years, both in the major and in general education, in classrooms and around the globe at 50+ project centers. WPI’s PBL experts represent diverse disciplines and experience in all facets of project work—in the first year, community settings, interdisciplinary teams, capstone research, and more.

Project-Based Learning Newsletter

Issued quarterly to share and promote PBL ideas, practices and findings.  

Kent J. Rissmiller
Kent J. Rissmiller
Associate Dean, Global School
The Global School

Professor Rissmiller has served in a number of leadership positions associated with WPI's global studies, including most recently as The Global School dean, ad interim. He also teaches government, law, and public policy,... Read More

Sarah Eliza Stanlick

Sarah Stanlick, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in The Global School at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Her research interests include vulnerable populations, health and human rights, global and local citizenship, and... Read More