October 12, 2020

We’re getting back into the (socially distanced) swing of things here on campus, and while some things may have changed, the welcoming community, constant enthusiasm for learning, and passion for collaboration have stayed the same. Welcome back, WPI community—we’ve missed you.


In order to help us all stay #WPITogether, a comprehensive routine testing plan has been put into place. More details on those test results (and what they mean for the WPI community) can be found on the WPI Testing Dashboard.


One of the best parts of WPI’s campus? The fact that we have our own little secret (Higgins House) garden.


This is a placeholder for a PhD highlight!

Gompei wears his face covering wherever he goes (and manages to coordinate it with his outfit). Be like Gompei; don’t forget your face covering.


Have hammocks, will lounge.


Yes, WPI still runs on Dunkin’ (even if the Munchkins and coffees are a little farther apart than usual).


Despite the difficult decision not to compete in athletics competitions this year, the football team is still holding socially distanced strength and conditioning practices on the rooftop field, proving yet again that nothing will stop our goats from being, well, the GOAT.


New and returning students were welcomed to campus over several days and weekends this year in an effort to maintain health and safety for all. 


While this year's bridge crossing looked different from those in the past, we're glad to have had the chance to share this time-honored tradition with the Class of 2024.


Pretty self-explanatory, right?


Chip for the oxygen sensor

Several researchers led by Ulkuhan Guler, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of WPI’s Integrated Circuits and Systems Lab, are expanding their work on a mobile sensor that measures a baby’s blood oxygen levels to create one that can act as an early detection device for COVID-19 infections.


Got happy trees? Members of the Choral Association, Alden Voices, and WPI Glee Club shifted gears during a recent rehearsal session and channeled their inner Bob Ross with a paint night.


There’s still plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful early fall weather before winter arrives, and WPI students are taking full advantage.


Researchers are back in the labs, including associate professor of mechanical engineering Pratap Rao’s team in the Laboratory for Education & Application Prototypes (LEAP @ WPI/QCC).